How to Choose the Best Wedding Photography Locations

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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Wedding Photography Locations in Metro Detroit

Let’s talk wedding photos.  They are one of the most cherished items you’ll have from the big day, you want to make sure they’re remarkable! One thing many couples don’t take the time to consider is scouting out meaningful wedding photography locations. 

Your photographer will capture the wedding day as it naturally unfolds, but you should also think about a location or two (outside of your wedding venue) that fits your personalities, the style of your wedding or a place that is a part of your love story. 

Important note: Please confirm photography permit or availability with your preferred location. Many properties will only allow photography with advance permission if your ceremony and/or location are not on the property.

One of the tasks you’ll have before your wedding day, is to work with your photographer and discuss what you want your wedding photos to look and feel like that. Where do you begin?

Here are 4 questions you need to ask yourself before you have that conversation and before you start selecting the perfect wedding photography locations.

Question 1: What is most important to us on our wedding day?

  • Time. Time seems to move lightning fast on your wedding day. There’s never enough. So, while you may want artistic backdrops or unique locations, your schedule may not allow the travel time for it. You need to take travel time into consideration when making your photography plan. Work with your photographer to plot out all of your photography options  close to either the ceremony or the reception location. A lovely park is typically a stone’s throw away in metro Detroit. See below for more one stop photography location options. 
  • Meaning. If capturing photos at a certain location is a priority, tell your photographer early on so you can work it into your schedule. Maybe it’s somewhere you had your first date, the place where you got engaged, the parks you go running in weekly etc. the options are endless. If it’s a location that matters to you, your photos will shine.
  • Art. If you’re looking for something artistic and trendy, it doesn’t get much better than downtown Detroit, especially if you want your photos to have that urban feel. Check out old train tracks, find beautiful architecture to use as your muse. There’s something about the juxtaposition of an elegant bridal gown and rustic backdrop that just works!

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Question 2: What’s my photography style?

Where you get your wedding photos taken has a lot to do with the style of wedding photos you like and want. What photography styles are there to choose from? Learn your wedding photography style here and watch the video below.

Question 3: What some popular photography locations?

To determine where you’ll end up for weddings photos, you need a place to start. Time to do some wedding photography research! The good news? We’ve done it for you. 

Our experts have come up with list after list of places to choose throughout metro Detroit. Whether it be waterfront views along Lake St. Clair in Macomb County or the historic architecture of The Michigan League in Ann Arbor, there are so many gems to consider when it comes to choosing a photography location. 

 wedding photography locations riverfront wedding venue

Something else to consider, think about the time of the year and always have a backup plan!  You never know what the weather will do, what events are taking place, road construction etc. This all can have an impact on time. Speaking of time, after you determine your wedding day timeline, you may realize you will only have time for one photography location. That’s ok! Most of the locations in the lists above offer a variety of backdrops at one location.

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 Question 4: Will my wedding photographer need a permit?

Before you get your heart set on your dream venue or a specific place for pictures — it pays to check if a photography permit is required. It’s a thing! Who knew?

Our team has had the opportunity to photograph at virtually every location in Metro Detroit and our team has developed this guide to help ease any permit pain while you plan. Here’s a wedding photo permit cheat sheet:

  • Always start the permit process at least 90 days in advance, sooner is always better to avoid issues.
  • Many properties will only allow photography with advance permission if your ceremony and/or location are not on the property.
  • National and State Parks along with historic locations will always have additional rules and requirements involved when booking.
  • Even if you’re not getting married at a specific location, fees and applications may still be required to simply have pictures taken for engagement sessions or ‘Romantic Sessions’ prior to your reception. To avoid getting the boot — call ahead!


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