Wedding Planning During Uncertain Times

How to tackle wedding planning during uncertain times.

Weddings have been impacted by COVID-19. Couples everywhere are being forced to postpone their weddings. If you’re newly engaged or your wedding is far enough in the future, chances are you still have a lot of planning to do. But planning during a pandemic can quickly make you feel guilty. You may be feeling relieved that your wedding isn’t impacted, but then guilty that you’re still planning while other couples are being forced to cancel. This is normal. However, it is also important to look ahead. Try to stay optimistic and not be too hard on yourself.


If you’re feeling torn about wedding planning, it’s okay to take a step back. Take a pause from wedding planning, the news, or whatever else is causing uneasiness. Planning a wedding is time-consuming and overwhelming already. With the added stress of a global pandemic, it is easy to feel like you’re focusing your energy on the wrong things. Things may feel very out of your control right now, so focus on what you can control – planning your wedding!

Go local.

The pandemic is affecting local businesses, as it is impacting couples. Feeling guilty about wedding planning? Go local! Local vendors are happy to help you plan your wedding during this time.

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Stay positive.

Remember: This too shall pass. It’s important to remember that there will be a time after the pandemic. Acknowledging your engagement and planning your wedding is a great way to look at the “light at the end of the tunnel.” While we’re in this time of quarantine, it is important to find ways to lift your mood. Whether that means planning your wedding remotely, hosting a Zoom happy hour with your bridesmaids, or having an at-home date night.

Create a schedule.

Get productive! Create a schedule for your days. Dedicate an hour or two each day to wedding planning. This will help make you feel productive, without getting too overwhelmed.

Focus on what is important.

Now more than ever, focus on what is important. The purpose of your wedding is to celebrate your marriage with your loved ones. Everything else is just a bonus.


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Getting Married in Metro Detroit?

Check to see if we have a photographer, videographer, and DJ available for your wedding!

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