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The Mike Staff Production Team Doesn’t Take Chances With Your Wedding Photos or Video

The Mike Staff Productions team is working from home and ready to serve you. Our production building is open, socially distanced of course.

It’s an exciting task to try and find the perfect wedding photographer and videographer that will document your vows, your first look and your packed dance floor. I mean, these are the people who are going to preserve your memories, so it’s important to find vendors that fit your style, personality, and budget. But here’s a question you likely haven’t thought about… does their post production process fit your expectations?

Sure. You want to work with an experienced wedding photographer and videographer that will make you feel comfortable and deliver end results so fabulous you think you may have a chance at becoming an Instagram model (isn’t that what we all want out of life?) But…

  • How long will you have to wait to gush over your wedding photos?
  • Who even looks at your video footage?
  • What if you have a question? Can you contact an actual human?

These are likely questions you probably don’t think about BEFORE your wedding because that’s when couples are in ‘fairytale’ mode. But when the wedding is over, reality sets in and couples and families want to see their photos and video ASAP. We get that. That is why we have our own building, staffed with a team of video editors and photo designers dedicated to processing your precious footage and images with great care.

Meet the Mike Staff Productions Post Productions Team

We’re going to be honest, we’ve never really showcased the talented people that make up our post production team because they’ve just always been a part of the Mike Staff Productions process. The fact is, we have an outstanding group of skilled people that are dedicated to creating top-notch wedding albums and wedding films, paying close attention to every detail of your day. 

The coolest part…They are all local and they all work in our dedicated production building, they all have a passion for what they do and if you have a question or concern there is ALWAYS a team member who can help you.  We feel that this part of the client experience is worth celebrating!

The Team Approach from Start to Finish

Mike Staff Productions is proud of what we call The Team Approach. That’s when our team of DJs, Photographers and Videographers work seamlessly together to give a couple the best experience possible at their wedding. But truthfully the last (and maybe most important) member of that “team” is our post productions team!

Here’s a reality check, the majority of our professional wedding videographers and photographers farm out (or outsource) the production work. Meaning someone completely separate from the person (or company) you hired is putting your wedding album together or making the final edits on your wedding video. Bottom line, an outsourced production company doesn’t have the same connection to your work as our team.

We have systems in place to have an open line of communication with you! It’s up to us to get YOUR approval and feedback in arguably the most important part of the process. From our Customer Service Director to our Design Team, if you have questions, we will answer them and you won’t have to wait a week for a response.

Here’s what sets our team a part, our editors are in constant communication with the photographer who shot your wedding. They have access to see all of the notes your photographer submitted which includes details like; your photography style, your vision, your wants, shot lists, what’s important to you, etc. Having access to the information about what makes your wedding unique is a huge part of the process. For example, if a couple makes a comment about loving black and white images or hoping one shot in particular will feature vivid colors, this is relayed to the editor and reviewed before the editing process even begins. See? TEAM APPROACH! We all work together even after the wedding is over.

If you’re still with me (thanks for reading this far), there’s one thing I want you to take away from this, Mike Staff Productions doesn’t take chances with your wedding photos images or video footage. Our design and production team oversees the editing process from start to finish. This is unique and we’re proud to offer it to you.

Promises Kept! We Deliver on Deadline (or sooner)!

That’s unheard of in the wedding industry.  In fact, we are the only wedding company in metro Detroit that will happily guarantee our videography and photography deadlines… in writing! Click the image below to learn just how quickly people will be ‘liking’ your photo on Facebook!

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Wedding Album Design

Designing your wedding album is supposed to be a thrill and we want to keep it that way! Our company allows you to be part of the process. When you are working on your wedding album, you are able to email or call and speak with your personal album designer (a Mike Staff Productions team member) to discuss your wants, needs and to go over all of the options available.

wedding album design post production process

Keeping this local and in-house really speeds up the album design process. On top of it, our designers love creating personal keepsakes for our clients because it’s about more than a paycheck, design is their passion. We also have trusted relationships with our album and print company. Being able to have open communication with our vendors allows us to give feedback and deliver great customer service to our clients. 

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Always Learning & Growing. Never Settling.

You’ve likely noticed a trend throughout this article, the people that make up our post production team are all experts at what they do. The Directors in charge of our photography and videography post production teams make it a priority to constantly educate our staff and keep up with the latest trends. As a whole, our company never settles. We are always pushing our products forward creatively with new design/editing programs, albums and editing styles so the end result is something you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


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