Wedding Photography Tips

Get fantastic wedding memories with these wedding photography tips.

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Wedding Photography Tips for Fantastic Wedding Memories

Picture this: Your big day has arrived. You have the perfect dress, perfect venue, and obviously perfect fiance. Your hair and makeup are flawless, but you’re still wondering how you can make sure you look your absolute best in your wedding photos. 

We asked our wedding photographers for a few wedding photography tips to help you look and feel fantastic in your wedding photos. These simple tips for wedding photography will have you looking and feeling your best for your romantics portrait session.

Have an Engagement Session

Most couples have never spent a day being professionally photographed. If your schedule allows, consider an engagement session with your photographer. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your photographer prior to your wedding day, practice poses you’ll use on your wedding day and generally get comfortable in front of the camera. Not to mention all the great images you’ll get!

engagement session at Michigan Law Quad
pre-ceremony tips for wedding photography

Get the Right Dress For You

You will feel confident and look great on your wedding day when you have a wedding dress that fits well. Whatever your body type, pick a dress that you feel comfortable in and make it yours! Be sure to have professional fitting and alterations – no bride wants to spend the day adjusting her dress or looking uncomfortable in pictures.

Hire Professionals

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event – and there is only one chance to capture the look, feel and memories. Select a professional wedding photographer whose work you’ve seen, reviews you’ve read and comes referred by people you trust.

There are many ways you can save on your wedding day, but don’t cut costs when it comes to your wedding day look. Pamper yourself with a professional hair and makeup session on your wedding day – just be sure to go for a trial run at least one month in advance, so you’ll have time to adjust if necessary.

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professional wedding photographer showing clients the camera

Schedule Enough Time

An often overlooked aspect of great looking wedding photos is the time it takes to create them. A photography plan can prevent you from spending too little, or too much, time on your wedding photos. A photographer will likely have suggestions their experience tells them works well, but can only understand your unique wishes by developing a plan with you. Generally, you’ll want to allot one hour for your Romantics photos as a couple.

Work With Your Photographer

On your wedding day, your photographer will have creative ideas and can draw upon their experience to help pose and guide you for your wedding photos. But it’s also important that you share how you are feeling. Do you need more or less direction? Does something feel uncomfortable? Do you have a great idea you were hoping to try? Sharing this information with your photographer helps to create wedding photos you’ll love. Don’t be shy – this is your wedding day!


Your wedding day photos will capture any stress that you are carrying.  Your wedding photographer works for you, so if you need a moment to collect yourself – do it!  When you are ready to begin your wedding day portraits, take a deep breath, tilt your chin down, raise your eyes just above the camera and smile. Take a walk together or just spend a few moments talking. Your photographer can shoot from a distance, capturing genuine, intimate moments.

tips for wedding photography - be relaxed
good posture in wedding photography


Before your wedding day, practice standing in front of a full length mirror. Look at your reflection and then stand up straight.  You’ll notice the instant slimming that takes place as you lengthen your spine.  Practice angling your body 45 degrees from the camera, but continue to turn your head towards it.  By pointing your front leg and shifting your weight to your back leg, you maximize this thinning effect.

When you hold your bouquet pose next to someone or alone, be sure to leave a little room between your arm and body.  When your arms are held tightly against you, the arm muscles spread, which will make them look heavier.  Ask for photos that show movement, which allows the body to be shown in a natural way.  Walking, running, dancing, and twirling can all be incorporated into dynamic, flattering poses.


This is a fun one to practice! Practice almost kissing – much more flattering than pursed lips, smashed faces or the dreaded “duck face.”  Slightly parted lips brought in close give you the look of a kiss, but still allow your face to be soft and relaxed. A kiss on the cheek, neck, forehead or hand can be actually be more intimate than a standard kissing photo.

bride and groom romantics at sunset
bride and groom smiling for portrait


Wedding photographer’s often hear, “I hate my smile.”  The reason for that is most people, don’t know how to give a pretty, but fake smile. Look at pictures of yourself that you find flattering. Share some of your favorites with your photographer, so they understand what you think is the best for you. When smiling for your wedding day photos, try these wedding photography tips for the perfect smile:

  • Most people prefer a smile that shows the upper teeth without too much gums.

  • Tilt your head a bit as you pose. Most faces really do have a “good side” as faces are not perfectly symmetrical.

  • Keep your top and bottom teeth slightly parted. If they aren’t your smile may look forced

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