Must Ask Wedding Photography Questions

Don’t book before asking these questions!

Questions To Ask Wedding Photographers Before Booking

To preserve your wedding memories, it is critical to select the right photographer for your wedding day. While each couple will have their own unique needs, these wedding photography questions are a great starting point as you interview photographers.

You’re looking for a photographer who will nail it—talented, friendly, experienced professionals who will deliver the wedding of your dreams, within your budget. That seems reasonable. But finding vendors who actually meet those criteria? That could be trickier than you think.

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What is your photography style?

There are several photography styles; traditional, photojournalistic, stylized, and candid. Look for a photographer that offers a blend of these styles to meet your needs. Ask them to define the term to be sure it meets your definition. They should have sample images to support their styles.

How can I view your portfolio?

Online galleries are a convenient option but don’t always tell the whole story. If you are considering an album purchase, it is best to view in person so you can inspect the materials and designs.

Are we allowed to submit our own shot list?

Your photographer should include your input in the photography plan. It may be helpful to look at bridal magazines or Pinterest to get an idea of what shots you want. Your photographer will work with you to develop your shot list. Beware of photographers that do not ask for your input.

Will we receive a personal consultation prior to our wedding day?

Yes. You should always have the opportunity to speak with your photographer prior to your wedding date. This allows you to discuss your style, photography plan, and any personal preferences for your wedding photos.

How many photographers work with you?

Make sure there is enough to guarantee a photographer is “on-call” in the case of an emergency.

Will you bring back-up cameras and lenses?

Absolutely. A reputable photographer will have back-ups available, so they can capture your memories without any interruptions.

Does the photographer work with the DJ, videographer, and hall manager?

When the photographer and videographer work together, this will guarantee you the best shots and angles in your photos and videos. Working alongside the DJ also allows your photographer to plan key moments, so all of your memories will be documented.

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How much do you cost and what does that incude?

Stay away from “bargain” photographers! Be sure to have all costs clearly defined and understood by both parties. The photographer should offer packages that vary to meet your needs.

How much for additional hours?

The rate should be stated on paperwork in advance.

Do you accept major credit cards?

Yes. This signals a professional & reputable company.

Are you insured?

Do not hire a company that doesn’t have at least $1,000,000 of coverage.

May I review your contract?

Never do business with any wedding professionals that does not clearly spell out what you should expect!

Can I contact previous clients for reference?

No problem. Be aware of photographers that deny the opportunity to speak with previous clients.

Do you participate in any online wedding communities?

A reputable photographer will have an online profile with highly regarded online resources such as and This is a great place to read reviews from real brides.

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Will I receive my high-resolution images on a DVD? Do I own the rights?

Make sure that the DVD includes high-resolution images and a personal copyright release. Without one, you can not print your own images!

How long will it take to receive my proofs?

Online image proofs and album designs make it convenient for you to view your wedding day images without another time-consuming meeting. Proofs should be available in a short turn around time – such as one month from your wedding date.

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