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What’s An Appointment at Mike Staff Productions Like?

So glad you asked! You’re not going to feel pressured or even more stressed about the planning process. We simply want you to have FUN and feel confident that you have the best team documenting your wedding day. See for yourself what hanging out at our office is like!

Fun & Pressure-Free!
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3 Ways We Make Wedding Planning Stress Free

Planning a wedding is so much fun! Until it just isn’t. Every time you check something off your list, you think of three things to add. You’re tired of doing research and making phone calls. You can hardly bring yourself to open Pinterest these days. And you’re starting to wonder exactly how mad your family would be if you just eloped.

You just want an awesome wedding that’s within your budget, and you’re starting to worry that’s too much to ask. It’s not.

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. You only get one chance at this thing, after all, so we’ve nailed a process to make sure you get exactly what you want, then we execute…flawlessly.

We’ll help you hand-select exceptional professionals that truly “get you” and won’t blow your budget. And with a disaster-free guarantee for all our services, you (and your guests) will be talking about your killer wedding for years.

When you hire Mike Staff Productions, you’ll save weeks in planning and a lifetime of regret.

1. Our team knows their stuff, and you’ll love working with them & you get to choose them!

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding DJ or Photographer – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the process. We have video profiles of all of our team members that you can ultimately work with.


Choose Your Wedding DJ

  • Watch video profiles of our award winning wedding DJs in action.
  • Get familiar with their personality and style
  • See how our DJs handle announcements, introductions, toasts and the first dance before you book. (How cool is that?)

Choose Your Wedding Photographer

  • Watch video profiles of our award winning Photographers in action.
  • Get familiar with their style, artistry and personality
  • View examples of their work

2. Our team works together. We call it the Team Approach

You’re looking for a photographer, videographer, and DJ who will nail it—talented, friendly, experienced professionals who will deliver the wedding of your dreams, within your budget. That seems reasonable. But finding that could be trickier than you think.

When you work with us, you’ll have one wedding company delivering your three most crucial wedding services. Our team members don’t compete with one another; they collaborate to deliver the wedding of your dreams.


3.  Our team has one another’s back.

Wedding-day emergencies happen, but that’s not your problem to solve; it’s ours. Our fail-proof back-up plan means you never have to worry about your photographer, videographer, or DJ not showing up. At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve been in this business long enough to hear all sorts of wedding horror stories—and we’ve figured out how to avoid them all.

When you hire one of our team members, we immediately secure a back-up. Someone we pay and who is completely prepared and waiting by the phone, just in case.  

Don’t trust your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day to flimsy promises of “a friend who can help in an emergency back up plan.” Instead, let go of your stress and let us handle the details—especially those unexpected ones. 

Your spreadsheet will love our Team Approach Package.

Photography + DJ + Videography + over $1,500 in extras = $5,285


Save Time

Imagine booking your photographer, videographer, and DJ with one phone call. 


Save Headaches

When you bundle services with Mike Staff Productions, our team coordinates with one another, so you don't have to.


Save Money

With The Perfect Package, you'll enjoy substantial discounts and bonuses. Can you imagine coming in under budget?

bride and groom wedding photography

The Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

At Mike Staff Productions, we trust that you’ll choose the perfect person to work with because you know what you want on your wedding day!  There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding photographer – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the process during your appointment.

Choose Your Wedding Photographers

  • Watch video profiles of our award-winning Photographers in action.
  • Get familiar with their style, artistry, and personality
  • View examples of their work
Let’s bring your wedding vision to life!

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