Something Old, Something New

An explanation of the Something Old wedding traditions.

Something old, something new

Something borrowed, something blue

And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

something old - old jewelry for wedding day

Something Old

This “old” item represents the bride taking a piece of her history with her as she leaves her family to begin her own. Often this piece is a precious family heirloom passed through generations or used by all female members of the family. Popular items include jewelry, lace handkerchiefs, and rosaries. If the bride will return the item after the wedding, it can also double as the “something borrowed.”

Something New

The “new” item symbolizes what the bride will gain through marriage. Many brides use their wedding dress as their something new. You may also choose an item that you would like to pass on to future brides in your family.

something new, the wedding dress
borrowed jewelry for wedding day

Something Borrowed 

The “borrowed” item is lent by a happily, married woman that is sharing her marital success. It is also meant to remind the bride that she can depend upon her family and friends in times of need. The borrowed item is often a piece of jewelry, but could even be your mother’s wedding gown. To receive the luck, the bride must return the item following the wedding.

Something Blue

The color blue has represented love, modesty, fidelity and purity since ancient Rome. These are all traits that a bride would need to possess as she began her married life. Many brides use blue flowers, garters or shoes. It is also a wedding trend to have your initials and wedding date sewn in the underskirt of your wedding dress in blue thread. Your wedding photographer will love capturing these details on your wedding day.

something blue sewn into wedding dress
silver sixpence in her shoe

And a Sixpence in Her Shoe.

A sixpence is a British coin that was minted from 1551 to 1967. It was worth about six pennies and made of silver. The coin is meant to represent financial security for the bride in her match for a husband. For best luck, the coin is placed in the left shoe. Many American brides use a dime as a silver coin or a penny for good luck. You can also purchase keepsake sixpence for your wedding day.

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