Time Management Tips for Wedding Planning

Stay on track with these time management tips for wedding planning.

1. List your priorities.

It sounds simple really, but can be a challenge. Rather than focus on each task that needs to be done, decide the priority items for your wedding day. When you think about your wedding, what comes first? Is it a gathering for friends and family, a celebration of you as a couple, a lavish affair? Decide on the story you want for the day and the priority elements required to make that vision a reality. Once you decide what’s important to you, the challenges of budget, guest lists, small details and big decisions will be dictated by the priority they are.

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2. Sort out the details. 

Now that you have your priorities lined out, set the goals for your wedding day. List the major items needed for each of your priorities. These could include the wedding budget for the item, ideas that you have, who will be helping with each. Be as specific as possible with each goal and its details, but don’t get hung up on each. As you move through the planning process, you’ll probably get more ideas. Once you have your goals set, decide when each should be accomplished and make a note. 

bride making a list

3. Tackle that list.

Making a list is a great first step, but it’s a first step. Once you know what you need to do, break apart the plan in manageable and achievable chunks.

Consider highly sought after things such as your venue, DJ, photographer, videographer, and dress as items you should tackle first.

 As you plan your task calendar, be sure not to leave too many things to the end. You don’t want to work on seating plans at midnight the day before your wedding!

engaged couple taking a break from wedding planning

4. Leave some free time.

Real life continues when you are planning your wedding. Schedule time for some wedding free relaxation. Designate a wedding free weekend once a month, so you can still take part in the things you enjoy. 

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5. Let go of the small stuff.

The great thing about your priority list is that it helps you focus on what really matters. Sure personalized notes to each of your guests on their place cards is a great touch, but it’s pretty time consuming too. If it isn’t a big priority for your wedding day, consider cutting three things from your list immediately. You’ll feel less stressed over the non-essential elimination, and can get back to what really matters.

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