Why You Need Wedding Videography Services

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Your Videographer

Why These Brides Almost Didn’t Get Wedding Videography

Picture this – it’s years after your wedding. What will you remember?

  • The look on your fiance’s face when he first saw you at the end of the aisle?
  • Every word of your Maid of Honor’s memory filled speech?
  • Uncle Mark tearing it up on the dance floor?

Doubtful. We get it. You’re spending a lot of money on your wedding and you need to cut costs somewhere. But is it worth it to cut out wedding videography services? Check out how these new brides answered that question.

Couples That Don’t Get Wedding Videography… Regret it!

The truth is 93% of brides who don’t hire a videographer regret it—often as soon as the day after their wedding. Wedding videography services are not a “splurge.” It’s an heirloom you’ll watch every anniversary. (And it’s more affordable than you think!)  Let us show you! Here’s what you’ll learn in this guide: 

  • 4 Reasons To Get a Wedding a Video
  • Common Wedding Videography Questions Answered
  • Why These Brides Almost Didn’t Get Wedding Videography

4 Reasons To Get a Wedding a Video

You can’t be everywhere, yet you don’t want to miss a thing on your wedding day. Here are 4 elements of your wedding you most definitely want to experience over and over again through your wedding video.

1. Your Vows

While technically you won’t miss your vows (since you’ll be the one reciting them haha) the moment is typically a blur, therefore remembering the words and emotions exactly how it happened is slim to none. Your vows are the words that narrate the beginning of your love story. While pictures of your ceremony are crucial, they just can’t capture the emotion in your voice as you pledge your vows of commitment to one another. This is something you’ll want to relive.

2. Your Family & Friends

You are creating a living family record. Years later, you will be able to look back at those loved ones who are no longer with you but were there when you got married! You’ll be able to hear their voices again, see them laugh again, watch them alive and happy, relive your packed dance floor. This is truly priceless and something only wedding videography services can capture. 

3. Your First Look

You’ve seen the photos where the bride is sneaks up behind the groom, while he’s chomping at the bit to see what his soon-to-be wife looks like! (Let’s face it, all brides spend hours getting ready!) But experiencing that moment through video is an instant tearjerker.

4. Your Vision

You spent so much time planning the perfect decorations for your reception. Carefully selecting the perfect centerpieces, place settings, card table, sign-in area, etc. Think about it, will you get the chance to see it before the guests entered the room? Make sure when the wedding is done and over that you’re not wishing you could have seen how it looked without our family and friends, and their reactions as they entered and got settled. Just hire a videographer!

wedding videography services filming wedding ceremony

5 Common Videography Questions Answered

93% of brides who get wedding videography services regret it—often as soon as the day after their wedding. Just like your photographer, you want to find a reputable videography company that you connect with, trust and want to spend good money on! We’re committed to helping you find the right professional (even if it isn’t us)We asked our Director of Videography, Jason Chevatewa, to answer 7 of the most common wedding videography questions real couples ask.

Love Your Wedding Video
wedding videographer filming a ceremony

1. Do I communicate with my videographer before my wedding?

Your final edited video is the result of the creative efforts of both the shooting and editing team. Because each team member works closely with others, you can be sure the same consistency is applied across all the videos we produce. To make sure that your own unique needs are understood, you should speak with the videographer that will film your wedding prior to your wedding day. At Mike Staff Productions, your videographer will call you the Tuesday before your wedding to discuss the final details.

wedding videography services include editing

2. When do I get my wedding video back?

The editing process is dependent upon some choices you will need to make about your wedding video – short or long format editing, music to be used with your montages and overall style and vibe. Once you have submitted your information, Mike Staff Productions guarantees you will have your wedding video within 12 weeks.

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ceremony audio recorded for wedding videography services

3. How is audio recorded?

To get the best audio for your wedding video, the videographer will ask the groom to wear a small lapel microphone. In addition, the videographer will also place a secondary microphone in the ceremony area, such as on a podium used by a reader. And as an extra audio source, the camera will also record the ambient sound from the ceremony venue. During the reception, the videographer will capture ambient audio. Whenever possible, the videographer will also request a line feed from your wedding DJ.

4. Do I need two wedding videographers?

Simply put, a camera and videographer can only focus in one direction. With one videographer, your wedding video will focus on you and the activities that happen directly around you.

With two videographers, you have the option of seeing a larger view of your wedding day. The second videographer can capture events that may take place during the same time, such as how each of you spent your time leading up to the ceremony or the cocktail hour while you are having your portrait session. Additionally, a second videographer will provide you with additional angles and guest perspectives of your wedding day.

5. Will there be a videographer on call in case of emergency?

A professional videographer should offer you the peace of mind of a backup system (always a benefit from Mike Staff Productions!). Should there be an emergency, the videographer should have backup coverage of additional gear and backup videographers.

Get uncompromising quality without compromising your budget.

All videography packages include:
Certified videographer

Certified back-up videographer on call for emergencies


Unlimited locations


All footage captured with cinematic-quality


Guaranteed turnaround time


High-definition video delivered on flash drive


A highlight reel to share with your friends and family online


Documentary-style film covering the important moments before, during and after your ceremony


Starting at $1,595

Only 7% of videographers pass our rigorous certification process, and our team members have extensive wedding experience. Plus, they’re wonderful people—the kind you’d invite to your wedding.

Team Approach Package


Get your photographer, videography and DJ (plus $1,500 in extras) for this all-inclusive price.

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