3 Steps To a Personalized Wedding Video

Create a Personalized Wedding Video That Is So You

Step 1: Write a Letter & Read It 

The first and most impactful way you can have a personalized wedding video is by writing a letter to your soon-to-be spouse and sharing those heartfelt words to the camera. Hearing your own voice with words that come straight from your heart are as personal as you can get! As you narrate your day you can talk about sweet moments, unexpected surprises and how you are feeling. All of this will be great to see initially, but only become more special over time. It will also be useful to share with your professional wedding videographer

Step 2: Decide Who You Want in Your Wedding Video

The second way you can have a personalized wedding video is by knowing what moments and what people you want captures. Sure, your wedding videographer will capture all of the main wedding moments you’ll want to relive. But if you have grandparents or out of town family you don’t often see, make sure to tell those family members you want them documented so their memory never goes forgotten. Knowing what you like and working together with your videographer will be key to long-lasting success.

Step 3: Choose a Soundtrack

The third way you can have a personalized wedding video is by choosing the soundtrack that will accompany the wedding video.  Music is deeply personal and has the ability to evoke strong, specific feelings when put together with images of your wedding. Include songs that mean a lot to you now as a couple and that have been a part of your story. You can also add songs that you are moved by and that you remember hearing on your wedding day. Adding this personalized soundtrack to your video will reflect on you and your history as a couple and will be more impactful than having a wedding videographer pick it for you..

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