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5 reasons to get a professional wedding video

5 Reasons to Get a Professional Video

Many brides feel as if they simply can’t afford a professional wedding video. So, they ask a friend or relative to do it for them. Of course, their friend agrees, setting into motion disappointment and missed opportunity.

Your wedding video isn’t just a wedding video. This is a living memory of your wedding day, which will become a family heirloom. You don’t want to trust just anyone with your wedding memories. Here’s five reasons to get a professional wedding video, and not trust the amatuers.

1. You will miss a lot.

It takes professional videographers years to develop the skills and experience necessary to capture all of the important shots on your wedding day to make the perfect professional wedding video. Without comprehensive training and direction about what to shoot, when to shoot, and how to shoot it, you have no idea what you’ll get. A professional wedding videographer will be prepared to shoot every once-in-a-lifetime moment that occurs on your wedding day – your walk down the aisle, the moment you say “I do,” and the first dance as newlyweds. They’ll also capture those moments that you didn’t even see happening. 

Professional Wedding Videographer at wedding

2. Quality

If you don’t want shaky camera work, out of focus moments, and poorly framed shots, then you need a professional wedding video. A professional wedding videographer has high quality equipment and is prepared to capture every moment of your wedding day.

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3. Sound

As much as consumer grade equipment and operator inexperience will affect the picture quality of your video, the poor sound quality will be your biggest disappointment. You will not hear your wedding vows, or every word of the toasts. In fact, most of the sound you hear will simply be background noise that is picked up from the mic on the front of the camera. A professional wedding video uses high quality equipment, so you won’t miss one word of your Best Man’s teary-eyed toast.

Post Production Process graphic

4. Editing

So you decided to hire an amatuer to film your wedding… chances are they don’t have editing software or experience. Hiring a professional ensures that your wedding film will be just that – a film. Your memories of your day should be preserved. With wedding videography you get a family heirloom that will be enjoyed and cherished for generations.

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5. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

What? You don’t think you need wedding videography? Think again. 93% of couples who don’t get a wedding video regret it. Trust those who’ve “been there, done it”. You want a video. Without wedding videography you can’t share and re-live your vows, your first look, your friends and family celebrating and all the little details that make up your wedding.

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