Mike Staff Productions Couples Share Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Secrets to a Happy Marriage from Couples at Mike Staff Productions

At Mike Staff Productions, we can’t get enough of LOVE! We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be a part of so many couples love stories as they build their lives together. That’s pretty special, right? But after you walk down the aisle, party the night away at your wedding reception and hang your last wedding photo on the wall, the real work sets in, maintaining a happy marriage.

This Valentine’s Day the married couples of Mike Staff Productions are sharing what it takes to keep the love alive 5 years, 10 years even 22 years after getting married.

Jason & Michelle

  • Married: 11/16/1996 (That’s 22 years people!) 
  • Ceremony: Unity Church of Warren
  • Reception: London House East

michelle and jasonWe have our own built in marriage inspiration at Mike Staff Productions. Our Director of Videography, Jason and our Vice President of Operations, Michelle have been married over two decades! Not only have they created a beautiful family together, they work together professionally, too! Clearly they are one hell of a team. Here are their secrets:

MICHELLE: I think our marriage works because we both truly respect the other and put the other one first. We say “please”, “thank you” and “I love you” like we mean it because we do. We take nothing for granted.

JASON: Love is usually the easiest part, but to have a heathy marriage thrive is to COMMUNICATE, LISTEN, TRUST and to put your spouse FIRST. Without it a relationship will fail. I’m the luckiest person in the world to be in love with my best friend and to spend time with her as much as I can is truly a blessing.

Do you take time every month to go on dates?

JASON: Dates don’t have to be a big to do. Sometimes it’s just out for dinner or going somewhere we can just be together without talking about kids or work (which is hard because we both love what we do at Mike Staff Productions).

MICHELLE: Every day is a date, because we are blessed to work together in the same office building. But, yes, we do try to have a date at least once a month.

Do your surprise each other with gifts?

MICHELLE: Jason has a secret gift stash that I can’t find (I’ve looked) and regularly surprises me with gifts, big and small. I don’t give as many gifts, but I never tell him no when he wants something. I show love in practical ways – like always making a great dinner and remembering to pay the bills (mostly) on time.

JASON: I always love to surprise my wife with “just because” presents throughout the whole year. Nothing too expensive, but I do love giving her an unexpected gift to make her day brighter.


Erik and Carrie

Erik and Carrie

  • Wedding Date: 3/8/2008
  • Wedding Venue: I can’t remember : )
  • How Many Years Married: 10 years

Erik, Director of Customer of Service: Being transparent with each other about everything is key. Knowing that it is a judgement free zone we live in (kind of like Planet Fitness) so we can be open with each other.

When you are on the same wavelength together it makes everything a lot easier because you can

support each other as we go through life.

Joel and Lauren Joel and Lauren

  • Wedding Date: 9/22/2012
  • Wedding Venue: Italian American Cultural Center, Macomb
  • Wedding DJ, Photography & Videography: Mike Staff Productions 😉

Lauren, Social Marketing & Brand Communications Manager: Maintaining a happy marriage means having mutual respect for one another. Adulting is hard. Life gets tough. Sometimes it means setting aside your wants and needs and putting your spouse’s first from time to time. That’s not always easy but when love is the foundation, that respect gets returned.

On a lighter note…HAVE FUN! Never let your friendship fade. Help unload the dishwasher. ‘Just because’ flowers are the best.