Decorative Wedding Uplighting

How Does Uplighting Enhance Your Wedding Reception?

  • Uplighting sets the mood for the reception and helps create an instant “wow” factor for your guests.
  • With the infinite color palette of LED up lights, wedding uplighting can easily transform the look of any room from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Uplighting is one of the most economical ways to impress your guests at your wedding reception.
purple wedding uplighting reception
drapery white wedding uplighting reception

How Many Wedding Uplights Do I Need?

Bottom line: It’s better to have too many then not enough.

Big guest list? Large venue? Separate cocktail hour area? When it comes to the amount to lights to properly fill a room, it all depends on the size of the reception space.

There’s always a place to put an extra light, whether it be in the entrance way, under a sweetheart table, or behind the cake table — that beam of color instantly amplifies that space. So, if you have one or two extra — they’ll never go unused.

16 Uplights

  • Perfect for reception rooms that hold less than 200 guests.
  • Packages start at $395


32 Uplights

  • Recommended for larger venue rooms that hold more than 200 guests.
  • Packages start at $595

Check to see if your wedding date has availability to add uplighting.

wedding uplighting with floral centerpiece

Our Wedding Uplighting Technology

Don’t think adding uplighting to your wedding reception means adding one more thing to worry about on your big day. Imagine the incredible images your wedding photographer will capture.

Our team has you covered and here’s how:

LED Lights. Our LED lights (Par 64 bulbs) use much less electricity than (and don’t get as hot as) regular incandescent light bulbs. LEDs are great for color changes and vibrant hues.

Beam lights. This style allows us to illuminate only the things that need to be seen and keep light off the things you don’t want lit. Beam lights create a dramatic look without competing with other lights or overpowering the room.

Custom Colors. We can literally create any color of the rainbow for you to display at your wedding. It’s recommended to feature an accent color around the room;

  1. Bridesmaid dress color
  2. Linen accent
  3. Color from floral arrangements

Individually powered. Each light will have its own power source, which dramatically eliminates the chance of it losing power. You’ll never have to worry about a battery going out or tripping over wires that have to extend around the perimeter of the room

Certified Team. We have a team of certified professionals who know how to properly connect and display uplighting. We have an ‘on-call’ system in place to guarantee setup will be on time and efficient.  

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