Meredith & Rob’s Wedding at The Henry Ford

Our Real Detroit Wedding: March 30, 2019

“Bundling the 3 wedding services together was both economical and intelligent. The fact that all 4 people already knew each other allowed them to be a more effective team. It saved us time and money without compromising on quality – a win win!” – Happy Groom, Rob

Our Love Story

I proposed just over a year ago in Grand Rapids. We had planned a trip there with her parents, sister, and brother-in-law so I figured it was a good opportunity. I popped the question on the bank of the Grand River and we then walked to a local brewery where her family and to her surprise, my family and some of our friends, were waiting to celebrate with us.

Our Mike Staff Productions Wedding DJ

We chose the Boyce Avenue version of Thinking Out Loud (originally by Ed Sheeran). The lyrics are very sweet and Boyce Avenue does a great job of slowing it down – making it a perfect first dance song.

The music was really good! Our wedding DJ did a great job of reading the crowd and trying to please all types of people. Later in the night, when it was mostly our college friends, my best and and I requested Cinema by Skrillex (it was big when we were in college) and all of our friends lost their mind! It was hilarious…

Our Wedding Video

I was on the fence about getting a professional wedding videographer but I’m so glad Meredith convinced me to. The highlight video is the perfect way to relive the best moments of the day in just a few minutes. Watching the full length video also allowed us to see things from the other side and also witness things that we missed!

Our Wedding Photos

Both our professional wedding photographers were great. Having two was a very good decision as it allowed for more pictures with both sides of the wedding party. It was also nice for our couple’s photos since they good work together to get the best shots. There are some really good photos that exploit all that the venue has to offer.

Our Wedding Vision

We wanted to have a unique wedding – something that the guest would remember forever. For us it started with the venue, which is why we chose the Henry Ford. With that settled, we knew we just needed good food, booze, and music!

Our Favorite Wedding Memories

Obviously seeing Meredith turn the corner and start walking down the aisle was my favorite moment, and Meredith’s favorite moment was my reaction (I cried like a baby). Another highlight for me was dancing with my 93 year old grandma. I don’t think many people have that privilege!

Meredith and Rob’s Wedding Vendors

  • Venue: Henry Ford Museum
  • Bakery: Sorella’s Custom Cakes
  • Florist: Thrifty Florist
  • Mike Staff Productions: Wedding DJ, Photography, Videography