Sara and Jeffrey’s Wedding at The Royalty House

Our Real Detroit Wedding: July 13, 2019

“Jeff and I absolutely loved our experience with Mike Staff and would recommend all services to people planning weddings. It was wonderful to have the same company of people working together. We felt comfortable, confident, and worry free knowing our moments would be captured by professional and amazing people!”

Happy Bride, Sara

Our Love Story

Jeff and I have been dating since High School and grew up living in Royal Oak. After we went to separate colleges and lived away from each other we decided to move in after over 7 years of dating. We wanted to stay local for our jobs and stay close to our families so we bought a house in Madison Heights. After a long weekend of moving in to our house Jeff had an idea that we should have our families over to show off our house and go out to dinner afterwards. I thought nothing suspicious about this and was just looking forward to our family seeing our new house, and going out to eat. When everyone came over and we showed them the house I realized I was still in my house cleaning clothes and needed to change.

When I changed into appropriate dinner attire I came out into the living room and there was Jeff kneeling on one knee. Both of us speechless and crying until I say, “Are you serious?” which he replies, “Yeah, I’m serious, so will you marry me?” I just remember nodding my head and finally having the words to say, “Yes!” We were both overcome with emotional joy and happiness!

Our Wedding Vision

Jeff and I knew we were going to have a big wedding because of our large family and friends. We wanted to have a summer wedding so I could have the time off from work as a Teacher and the beautiful weather. We also wanted to get married at Jeff’s synagogue and have a Jewish ceremony. We both loved the color purple so I knew we had to have different shades of them in the wedding.

white & purple bridal bouquets
"In Memory" table at wedding reception
tiered wedding cake with "always" cake topper

Our Wedding Photos

We really loved the wedding photos and having a variety of candid photos as well as posed photos. We love having all these little moments from the day as well as them being kind and listening to our ideas and providing us with more!

bride and groom kissing
bride kissing groom while holding bouquet in the air
black and white photo of bride leaning on groom's shoulder
groom lifting bride in air to kiss her


Our Wedding DJ

Our wedding DJ was amazing playing all the best songs. We are a fan of line dance songs where there is a dance to the song that gets everyone on the floor. Our favorites had to be “My Eyes Don’t Cry No More,” “Wobble,” and “Shout.” We loved how our DJ played so many songs that kept people dancing and was very kind to people when guests wanted to request songs.

groom dipping bride on dancefloor
bride and groom dancing, with groom's hand on bride's back

Our Wedding Video

The video is important to us because we can relive the moments like we were there again. Listening to our vows, and speeches, watching family and friends, and expressions on everyone’s faces will be something we will cherish forever. We really love the amazing shots and angles our expert wedding videographer captured!

Our Wedding Memories

There are so many moments to choose from, but one I was looking forward to the most and was absolutely perfect was Jeff’s expression on his face when I walked down the aisle. At the Temple where we got married, there were sliding wooden doors that my dad and I were waiting behind. I just had to remember to keep smiling. When the doors opened up and I saw his face filled with emotion I knew I would start crying too. So after looking at him for a moment, I looked above him so I could keep together smiling down the aisle. Now and then when I was walking I would look at him again, but wanted to cry because of how amazing he looked. I’m so glad I have the photos and video of his expression so I can always look at it and not worry about how much I’m crying.

bride walking down aisle with father
bride and groom at alter

Sara and Jeffrey’s Wedding Vendors

  • Venue: The Royalty House
  • Bakery: Hodell’s Cake Shop
  • Florist: Dynamic Flowers of Royal Oak
  • Dress: The Wedding Shoppe
  • Mike Staff Productions: Wedding DJ, Photography & Videography

Don’t trust your wedding to anyone else. Mike Staff Productions would be honored to bring your vision to life. Let’s get started!