3 Reasons Why You Must Have A Wedding Day Schedule


You’ve spent months planning this day, and it’s finally arrived! Now all you want is the day to go off without a hitch. But with so many people, vendors, and details… your wedding day can quickly become stressful and chaotic day, and no one wants that. Having a wedding day schedule is essential to having the day run smoothly.

Why Have A Wedding Day Schedule?

Keep Everyone Organized 

Parents of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, caterer, photographers, videographers, DJs, florists, event planner, beauty team… Your wedding has a lot of moving parts. Expecting everyone to be magically on the same page is most likely not going to work.

Having a document that describes in detail the schedule of the day will help keep everyone in the loop, and they will definitely appreciate it. Have times that the beauty team and photographer will be arriving, so the bridesmaids know they will be needed at that time. Outlining the time of your first look will make sure your photographers and videographer are there ready to capture the moment. Describing the time of family formals and what shots you want will make sure your family is in the right place at the right time. 

Your wedding day schedule can also act as a central contact sheet to help keep everyone organized. Include all contact information for vendors, the bridal party, and anyone else you think may be needed throughout the day.

wedding day schedule

Avoid Disasters

Having a schedule does not necessarily mean that everything will fall within the outlined time. However, having that schedule means you, or your event planner, can easily make adjustments as necessary. Hair and makeup take slightly longer than anticipated? Take off 10 minutes from the first look and romantics session prior to the ceremony. Best Man got teary-eyed and extended his speech? Your planner can ask the venue to wait a few extra moments before bringing out the first course. Parents of the groom chatting away with guests? Start with the bride’s family formals. 

A schedule does not guarantee things will be perfect, but it makes you better prepared to make adjustments. Rather than getting stressed or overwhelmed in the situation, you can solve the problem. 

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Take The Pressure Off The Bride and Groom

Most importantly, having a wedding day schedule means taking the pressure off of you and your fiance. This is your wedding day, so it makes sense for people to be asking you questions. They want to make sure everything is going according to your plan, but they likely don’t see how overwhelming it may be. If vendors or the bridal party have questions, they can reference the schedule first before coming to you. This means you can focus on what is important – enjoying every moment of your wedding day and taking it all in!

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Wedding Day Schedule FAQs

Who should have access to the schedule?

Anyone involved in the wedding should have access to the schedule — vendors, bridal party, and any family and friends that will play a role throughout the day.

What should I include?

Everything. Your wedding day schedule should be a complete overview of the entire day. Include what time the bridal party will be gathering, times vendors will be arriving, what time the ceremony and reception are scheduled to begin, time for transportation,

Where do I start?

Start from scratch! Every wedding is unique, so don’t copy a timeline you found on Pinterest and assume it will work for you. Start with the basics – ceremony and reception times – then work from there. Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors questions. They are experts and will help you understand how long some things will take, so you can play accordingly. For example – your wedding photographer can help you determine how much time is needed for romantics or family formals.

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