Detroit Wedding Photography Trends Every Couple Needs to Know

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Discover the Latest Wedding Photography Trends in Detroit

Wedding photography is always changing. In Detroit, a city known for its unique blend of urban charm and natural beauty, there are plenty of new trends that can make your wedding photos truly special. Here’s what’s popular right now in Detroit wedding photography, with insights from the Mike Staff Productions team.

Embracing Real Moments

Authenticity is key. Couples and photographers love real, unscripted moments. These capture the true spirit of your day, from laughter to tears.

  • Why It’s Great: Shows the real emotions of your wedding day.
  • Detroit Scenes: Think Riverwalk or Midtown for those candid shots.
  • What to Look For:
    • Natural guest interactions
    • The venue’s vibe
    • Little guidance from the photographer

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Detroit’s Urban Backdrop

Detroit’s mix of old and new buildings offers amazing photo opportunities.

  • Urban Charm: Use locations like the Fisher Building or Eastern Market.
  • Places to Consider:
  • Mix It Up: Combining Detroit’s architecture with various photography styles, like modern or classic, to match the couple’s personality.

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Creative Lighting

Lighting can change everything. It sets the mood and brings out the romance.

  • Lighting’s Role: Soft sunsets or dramatic indoor lights can make your photos unique.
  • Techniques to Try:
    • Off-camera flash for lively night photos
    • Natural light for daytime beauty
    • LED lights for fun backgrounds
  • Detroit Nights:  Utilize Detroit’s iconic neon signs and street lights for a vibrant, urban feel in your wedding photos.

Editorial-Style Photos

Think magazine-quality photos with a stylish, polished look.

  • Why It’s Loved: Turns your wedding day into art.
  • Editorial Features:
    • Posed but natural-looking shots
    • Detailed captures of attire and decor
    • High-fashion vibes
  • Detroit as Your Set: The Detroit Opera House or Ransom Gillis House can be perfect backdrops.

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Detail-Driven Photos

It’s the little things that tell your story. This trend focuses on the details that make your wedding yours.

  • Why It Matters: Captures the essence of your day.
  • Details to Capture:
    • Invitations and stationery
    • Decor, like table settings and flowers
    • Fashion details, including jewelry and dress features
    • Personal items with sentimental value
    • The venue itself
    • Candid, unscripted moments

Interactive Photo Booths

Photo booths have become essential, offering a fun way for guests to remember your day.

  • Make It Yours: Match the booth to your wedding theme, with a nod to Detroit culture.
  • Fun Features:
    • Digital screens for instant sharing
    • Themed props, maybe with a Motown twist
  • Guest Shots: Let guests capture their own moments, adding to your album.

Detroit offers a unique canvas for your wedding photos. By tapping into these trends and working with a skilled team like Mike Staff Productions, you can ensure your wedding photos are not just memories, but treasures.


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