Fall Florals: Tips From The Experts

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Local Florist, Viviano Flower Shop, Shares Their Expertise on Fall Florals For Your Wedding

The fall season is quickly taking over as the busiest season for weddings. With the crisp air and vibrant colors, who wouldn’t love a fall wedding? Our Detroit wedding photographers and wedding videographers love capturing the beauty of fall in your wedding day memories. One of our favorite details of fall weddings? Fall florals! That’s why we asked our friends at Viviano Flower Shop to share their tips for all things fall florals. 

What flowers are in season for fall weddings?

Viviano – “For fall weddings, zinnias, dahlias, sunflowers, safflowers, celosia, and amaranthus are all popular, in-season flowers. Although we enjoy working with seasonal flowers, here at Viviano’s we have good relations with farmers from around the country and world and enjoy the benefit of getting many flowers and greenery all year round. Those year-round flowers such as roses are popular no matter the season and pair nicely with the in-season flowers.” 

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What would you suggest for a traditional bridal bouquet in fall? What about a bride that wants something totally different and unique? 

A traditional bridal bouquet often follows a white and ivory color scheme or a blush and maybe a hint of burgundy color scheme. Roses, which are often thought of as romantic, are very popular and are often found in a traditional bouquet. Many brides also want plenty of greenery in their wedding and in their bouquets. A bride looking for a more unique bouquet often adds dried products such as lotus pods, pampas grass, pheasant feathers, hops, and cotton. They might also add pumpkins or gourds to their decorations during the fall. Although some brides enjoy playing with the vibrant autumnal colors, there are also many brides that would rather stick with whites, blushes, or another color scheme that may differ from fall colors.”  

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What trends are you seeing for 2021, 2022, and 2023?

In 2020, we were seeing lots of blush and burgundy colors, lots of greenery, light blue accents in the flowers, other decor, or table setting, and a lot of Victorian colors such as mauve, champagne, and pale blue. Due to the coronavirus and many brides pushing their weddings to later dates, many trends from 2020 are carrying over into our 2021 and 2022 weddings. As of now, 2021 and 2022 trends seem to be following those of 2020.”

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What are your favorite florals to work with for fall weddings? 

We enjoy working with all different flowers both in-season and the ones we receive all year round. For fall weddings it is fun to use all the in-season flowers such as zinnias, dahlias and sunflowers added with our year-round flowers such as beautiful garden roses or ranunculus with added greenery such as eucalyptus.”

Any tips you want to share with couples planning their fall wedding?

“A helpful hint for the happy couple planning a fall wedding is to be prepared for any kind of weather! If they are hoping to have an outdoor wedding, it is a great idea to have a plan B venue in case of bad weather. Fall weather can range from 90 to 30 degrees and from rain to snow so it is smart to be prepared for the weather. Another tip is to embrace the color! Michigan falls are vibrant in color, and those colors transfer well to wedding colors so have fun with it! It’s fun to follow the fall theme and include lots of natural products such as the lotus pods, cotton, burlap ribbon, baskets, stacked crates, rustic tins, etc.“

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