Why You Should Invest In A Professional Wedding Album

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Why You Should Invest In A Professional Wedding Album

It’s a priceless feeling when you hold your professional wedding album in your hands. There’s just something special about turning each page of your album, full of your stunning wedding photography. It instantly becomes a family heirloom. Your professional wedding album is a visual reminder of your favorite moments, emotions, and details of your wedding day, bringing the memory of your wedding day to life in a way a flash drive of images just can’t.

In this blog we’ll discuss:

  • Value vs. investment 
  • Two keys to designing a beautiful wedding album
    • Which images you should include 
    • How you should lay them out

Value vs. Investment 

You’ll reach for that wedding photo book at family gatherings, anniversaries, and perhaps with your children and grandchildren one day. Isn’t that a better way to show off one of the best days of your life than crowding around the [phone screen? Reliving those memories years after your wedding day, is truly something money can’t buy. That is why we believe a wedding album is a great investment.

To break it down even further, a popular definition for an investment is something that puts money in your pocket. But if you substitute the word money for value, then a wedding album fits the definition of an investment. How do you put a dollar amount on reliving your wedding day memories with your future grandkids? Your wedding album will be a treasured keepsake and argued-over heirloom. 

Mike Staff Productions professional wedding albums are high-quality art pieces, that combine tradition with modern design.

  • Each album comes with its own matching heirloom box.
  • Each album offers personalization choices in textiles and leathers, cover materials, embossing, and leather etching.
  • An album design professional guides you throughout the process.

Wedding Album Examples 

Keys to Designing A Beautiful Wedding Photo Book

Choose Your Favorite Images

Once your special day comes to an end, your photos keep the memories alive for decades to come. But when you have thousands of images to choose from, how do you start the design process?

Looking at a professional wedding album is a different experience, it’s a texture, and there’s a kinetic response. The big thing is, you’re creating a conversation piece to talk over, rather than looking at a gallery of thumbnails which means you want to include images from every part of your wedding day, to help tell the story.

Here’s a quick list of some of the must-have photos to include:

  • You and your bridal party: Maybe you and your bridesmaids wore matching robes while getting ready & sipping mimosas, or groomsmen gathered for a toast with their favorite beers. Most weddings will include fun, pre-ceremony moments like this with your closest friends.

professional wedding album page layout

  • Family pre-ceremony moments: Your mother helping you into your dress or putting on your bracelet. Your siblings hugging you. These types of candid, family photos are the kind of special moments to include.
  • The first look: Whether this moment happened before the ceremony, or as one of you walked down the aisle, you’ll want to be sure to document the priceless reaction of the first time you and your fiancé’ laid eyes on each other that day.

professional wedding album ideas page layout

  • The first kiss: A no-brainer, but you must include! This is your first official moment as a married couple, so be sure you choose your favorite snap of this occasion.
  • Parent-child dances: If you or your partner were lucky enough to take a turn around the dance floor with a parent, don’t forget to document this moment in your wedding album.
  • Details, Details, Details! You spent months picking colors, selecting decorations, designing invitations and table settings – document those details in your album.

professional wedding album page layout

  • Dance shots: You and your college friends in a circle singing your favorite song; your aunt and uncle getting down to a line dance or maybe your flower girl stealing the show on the dance floor. In addition to the sweet and romantic wedding memories, you’ll want to remember all the fun you had as well, so don’t forget these great action shots.
  • A great send-off: Bubbles, rice, confetti, or sparklers, the send-off moment is brilliant and full of love, so be sure you choose your favorite from the end of the day to cap off a great album.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Images

  • Less is more. Clean, simple design is another new trend. The days of collages, mosaics, and scrapbook-style albums are over.
  • People are telling their stories through fewer, bigger images. It used to be, back in the day when you didn’t receive digital copies of your images, that couples would cram as many as they could in their album. Now, everyone is getting the rights to all of their images, posting some on social media accounts themselves and turning their album into more of an art piece or coffee table book.
  • Negative space, large images, and open white space are becoming popular, while accents and filters on images are dying off.
  • It is important is to not overcrowd the album. Albums with 40-60 images in a 20-page album look the best. Otherwise, the images tend to be too small on the page.


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