29 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

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Unlocking the Perfect Wedding Playlist: 29 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

When planning your metro Detroit wedding, every detail counts, and one of the most critical elements that can either make or break your celebration is your choice of a wedding DJ. Your wedding DJ is not just responsible for spinning tunes; they play a pivotal role in setting the mood, keeping your event on track, and ensuring your guests have the time of their lives. To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 29 essential questions to ask your wedding DJ. These questions will empower you to find the perfect DJ who can turn your special day into an unforgettable celebration.

Detroit Wedding DJ Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

29 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

  1. What is the average cost of a Detroit wedding DJ? According to the The Wedding Report, the average cost for a professional Detroit wedding DJ is $1,595. Our prices for a wedding DJ range from $1199 – $1499, depending on the date. With Mike Staff Productions, you’ll work with a certified DJ that you choose.
  2. What does a DJ do at a wedding? First and foremost, a wedding DJ’s job is to make sure you and your guests have fun. They do this by keeping your wedding reception running on time and the dance floor packed. Our professional DJs read the room to make sure guests of all ages are enjoying the music. In addition, our wedding DJs serve as a Master of Ceremony; a professional host who keeps your reception on track. They also make sure your other wedding vendors are working together so your wedding vision becomes a reality.
  3. How much experience do you have? This is one of the most important questions to ask your DJ before your wedding. It’s necessary to know just how long they’ve been in the industry—a pro with more experience will be able to effortlessly execute your vision.
  4. Have you ever played at my venue? Professional DJs should be familiar with plenty of venues across Michigan and in Metro Detroit. They know know the load in process, where the correct location is to set up and have knowlegde of power access.
  5. What is your back-up plan if you get sick or have an emergency? One of the most important things you can find out before hiring is whether that wedding DJ has a backup plan in case of an emergency. Back-up sound gear on-site in the event of an equipment malfunction and a DJ on-call in case of emergencies or unforeseen events are crucial.
  6. Does the DJ serve as the Host / MC? Your wedding DJ should also serve as your Master of Ceremonies.
  7. How do you get people to dance? If you want a packed dance floor all night long, your DJ will play a major role in keeping guests on their feet. This is one of the best questions to ask your wedding DJ because it separates the pros from the rookies. See what their techniques are for keeping energy levels high—perhaps they have a go-to song that always gets everyone moving, or maybe they like to interact with the crowd to keep them engaged.Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ packed dance floor saint johns resort
  8. Do you accept a list of must-hear songs? What about a do-not-play list? This is one of the most popular questions to ask  your wedding DJ. In order to create the setlist you want, ask your potential DJ if you can give them a list of your musical preferences. Couples are encouraged to share various lists with DJs, like must-play songs, songs to play if possible, dedications, songs to play only if requested, and a do not play list.

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  9. Can I plan the details of my reception with you, personally?
  10. Can you provide sound and music for my ceremony?
  11. Do you require liability insurance?
  12. What’s your cancellation policy? Whether you change your date or change your mind on the music, know what your options are in case you need to cancel your entertainment.
  13. Will you need to be provided dinner?
  14. How early do you arrive before the start of the wedding?
  15. How will you dress for our wedding?
  16. Can you play some music before the beginning of the ceremony, and will that time be considered extra?
  17. Tell us your MC style, is there a standard script? Can things be changed?
  18. How do you select music to play? From a standard list? How do we add/restrict the songs played?
  19. How extensive is your music library, and what genres do you cover?
  20. Do you need songs edited for a particular length for the ceremony or can you replay songs/fade songs out if they aren’t the right length?
  21. If there are songs that we want that you don’t have, will you be able to download it? Or should we provide it?
  22. Do you take requests from guests? What if it is on our do not play list?
  23. How do you encourage some of the older guests to get out on the dance floor? A professional wedding DJ will know how to read a room and have a variety of music to choose from that will please guests of all ages. Most importantly they will know how to seamlessly transition to different music styles.
  24. What lighting options do you include?
  25. Are you insured?
  26. How much is your deposit?
  27. Do you charge tax?
  28. What is your cancellation policy?
  29. What sets you apart from other DJs?

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