9 Inexpensive Wedding Photo Booth Alternatives We Love

9 Inexpensive Wedding Photo Booth Alternatives We Love

Couples consider having a photo booth at their wedding reception for several reasons, they are fun and interactive, and guests get a personalized keepsake from your wedding. The reality is, photo booths costs money and can take a nice chunk out of your already tight wedding budget. Do not stress! There are plenty of affordable photo booth alternatives to help capture the wedding fun (in addition to your wedding photographer, of course). Check out the ideas our team rounded up.

1. Place Polaroid cameras throughout the venue.

If you want to give your guests a way to take home physical copies of their photos, consider setting up a Polaroid camera station. When it comes to wedding photo booth alternatives, polaroid cameras allow guests to take pictures of themselves and their friends, and then hang the photos up on a designated display board or guestbook – or take them home! You get the printable aspect without the massive investment.

Polaroid camera wedding photo booth alternatives

2. Set up a DIY backdrop

You can either prop up a tablet or leave it to your guests to snap their photos on their own devices. All you have to do is buy the fun props (head to Amazon), set up a station and let them have at it—it’s a totally viable alternative.

bride and groom posing in DIY photo booth option

DIY photo booth prop accessories

3. Personalized Neon Sign

We love a good wedding sign—especially when it’s neon! From welcome signage, bar decor, or a photo backdrop for your guests – displaying your name is a surefire way to make your party pop (and secure awesome photos)! Skip the props and keep it simple. Place the glowing neon sign against a cool backdrop and let your guests take selfies with it. DONE!

neon sign with bride and groom wedding photo booth alternatives

neon sign wedding photo booth alternatives

4. Get a photo sharing app

A quick Google search provides you with endless photo sharing app options you can research. How do they work? The general idea is that you set up an account, share that account with your guests via link, text, email or Facebook (or even include on your wedding invitations), then guests join and share their photos!

Some photo sharing apps can automatically aggregate any photos that are taken on your guests’ phones (either iPhone or Android) in real time. Some of these apps may come with a cost and require some pre-planning to inform guests, but the effort could save you hundreds. Let’s face it, everyone is snapping photos with their phones and tech savvy guests could really have fun with this!

wedding guests taking selfies with cell phone

5. Caricature Artists

Caricature artists can provide a unique and personalized souvenir for your guests. They can draw quick and humorous portraits of your guests in their own distinct style, providing a one-of-a-kind keepsake for your wedding.

6. Live Event Painters

Live event painters can create a beautiful and unique piece of art that captures the atmosphere of your wedding. The artist will set up an easel and canvas and paint the scene as it unfolds, providing a stunning visual representation of your special day. This doesn’t necessarily benefit your guests or provide a souvenir for them to take home, but this may be better use of your money, as you, the couple would have an incredible momento.

7. Let your #hashtag do the work

Using hashtags at your wedding can be a great way to create a sense of community and allows you to see all of the photos your guests take when they use it!

  • Create a unique hashtag: Come up with a unique and memorable hashtag that reflects your wedding and is easy for your guests to remember.
  • Share your hashtag: Once you have created your wedding hashtag, make sure to share it with your guests. You can include it on your wedding invitations, your wedding website, and even display it at your wedding venue.
  • Encourage your guests to use the hashtag: Let your guests know that you would love for them to share photos and videos from your wedding using your unique hashtag. You can include a message in your wedding program or have your professional wedding DJ make an announcement during the reception.
  • Monitor the hashtag: Make sure to monitor your wedding hashtag so that you can see all the posts and photos that your guests have shared.


8. GIF Booths

A GIF booth is similar to a photo booth, but instead of taking still photos, guests can create animated GIFs. These animated images can be shared on social media or sent directly to guests’ phones.

9. Give disposable cameras as guest favors

Remember disposable cameras? They certainly won’t set you back much when it comes to cost and talk about nostalgia! Who doesn’t have memories of getting disposable cameras developed? Giving them out as wedding favors encourages your guests to have fun taking their own photos, leaving a sense of mystery as to how good their pictures will turn out. While it doesn’t have the same “instant gratification” element as a Polaroid or photo booth that prints immediately, it still allows your guests to take home some fun memories.


Bottom line, there are plenty of wedding photo booth alternatives to choose from, each providing a unique and fun way to capture memories from your special day. Whether you opt for a Polaroid camera station, a live event painter, or DIY photo booth set up, these creative and interactive options are sure to be a hit with your guests.


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