9 Fun Wedding Transportation Ideas


9 Fun Wedding Transportation Options and Alternatives

You’re going to the chapel, but wait—how are you getting there? Detroit is nicknamed the Motor City for a reason, Michiganders know cars are important. Will you choose a sleek stretch limo, a party bus or a bicycle built for two? Securing proper wedding transportation is about more than getting from point A to point B – it’s also about the party in-between! Here are some benefits to arranging the perfect wedding transportation:

  • Allows you and your new spouse to share a few moments of peaceful togetherness while rolling away from your ceremony in the highest of style.
  • Gives you and your spouse a chance to party down with your bridal party in one vehicle on the way to your reception.
  • Ensures that your bridal party will be exactly where they are supposed to be, at exactly the right time.
  • Incorporating a unique vehicle for your transportation that day? Talk about great wedding photography opportunities! (Check out examples below!)

Whether you want a unique getaway to express your style, or a fun way to give your wedding party and even your guests a lift too, there are lots of options for your wedding transportation. Here are some ideas you could try.

1. Sports Cars

Does your fiance’ have a cherry red, Ford Mustang in the garage they love just as much as you? Talk about a great way to incorporate some personal on your wedding day and use it as (cost effective) wedding transportation! Just rehearse your exit ahead of time—getting in and out of a sports car gracefully requires some skill, especially in a dress.

2. Vintage Rentals

Many couples are choosing antique cars to add some character to their wedding. Around metro Detroit, it’s common to find couples and families that have a passion for the Motor City and classic cars. I ncluding a vintage car made in Detroit just makes sense for some. Just imagine those photos! Perfect for couples who are hosting their big day at a historic manor or other venue, an antique car is a great way to enter or exit your wedding in style.

3. Two-Wheelers

If you want to shake things up, ride away on a motorcycle, Vespa or tandem bike. You’ll get frame-worthy photos and a wonderful memory to look back on. Just make sure you practice riding on your vehicle of choice in a dress and heels before your wedding day.

bride and groom comerica park with motor bikes wedding transportation

4. Hotel Shuttles

Many couples opt to hire shuttles to move guests from the ceremony or reception venues if they aren’t held at the same place. Also, if you’re providing a block of rooms for guests at a local hotel, check to see the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to take guests to and from the reception site. Talk about cost effective and convenient. Just make sure someone from the bridal party has a direct contact to the hotels shuttle driver.

5. Golf Cart

Who doesn’t love cruising around on a golf cart? This mode of transport is ideal for couples getting married on a golf course or for couples who are staying close to their wedding venue. Be sure to decorate the golf cart!

bride and groom riding in golf cart

6. Uber / Lyft Codes

Avoid parking and shuttle headaches by offering Lyft ride credits or Uber Vouchers to guests. You could offer this to your guests, or even just limit it to the bridal party if you want!

  • By creating a Lyft code, guests can get dropped off in front of the venue and leave when they want. Set a budget and get any unused credit back – just share the unique code with guests beforehand and they’re ready to go!
  • Send credit directly to your guest’s Uber accounts using their emails, or send a custom code that guests can apply themselves when ready. Your guests can redeem their Vouchers for rides on the Uber app.

7. Horse & Carriage

You can’t beat this classic fairytale vibe. Make a grand entrance at your ceremony or make a truly unforgettable exit to your reception! Most standard carriages can fit between two and six passengers, so you may even be able bring your wedding party along, or rent a few carriages to lead the entire wedding party on a royal-style procession.

bride on horse and carriage

8. Party Bus / School Bus

Not only is a party bus fun, but it’s also the ultimate way to party with your friends! Bring your bridal party along for the ride and rent party buses, complete with a bar, lights and music. If you’re planning on popping open some drinks, triple-check that the rental company is licensed with the local county.

bride and groom riding on school bus

9. Stretch Limousine

A classic option, the stretch limousine combines formality and function with a sleek design and enough room for your wedding party and parents to feel like VIPs too. (Most stretch limos hold 8 to 10 passengers.) Or hop in a town car, which is basically the sedan version of a limo and seats up to four.

Questions to Ask Before Booking: 

  • How many vehicles do you have available? This gives you an idea about how large their organization is.
  • How many drivers are available? Make sure they have enough drivers to provide just-in-case backup.
  • Can you provide back-up vehicles in case of an emergency? Have a plan and second choice vehicles in case the ones you chose aren’t available.
  • How do your drivers dress for weddings? Can you show me photos of your drivers? You should feel confident in their level of professionalism.
  • Do you have liability insurance? This gives the company credibility.
  • What is the minimum amount of time required to rent a vehicle? Be sure this fits your transportation needs and schedule.
  • What is the payment/cancellation policy? Make sure you know before you sign anything.


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