Wedding Videography Ideas You’ll Love

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Wedding Videography Ideas

*Updated for 2024-2025 weddings

Many couples book their professional wedding videographer, then don’t give it much thought until their wedding day. But the truth is, your wedding video will become a family heirloom, that you’ll watch over and over again…so you should give some thought to these wedding videography ideas ahead of time.

In this blog we’ll discuss:

  • Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Video
  • Wedding Moments You’ll Want Captured

3 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Video

1. Write & Read a Letter

The first and most impactful way you can have a personalized wedding video is by writing a letter to your soon-to-be spouse and sharing those heartfelt words to the camera. Hearing your own voice with words that come straight from your heart are as personal as you can get! As you narrate your day you can talk about sweet moments, unexpected surprises and how you are feeling. All of this will be great to see initially, but only become more special over time. It will also be useful to share with your videographer.

bride reading note pre ceremony

groom reading note pre ceremony

2. Decide Who You Want In Your Video

The second way you can have a personalized wedding video is by knowing which moments and what people you want captured. Sure, your wedding videographer will capture all of the main wedding moments you’ll want to relive.

If you have grandparents or out of town family you don’t often see, make sure to tell those family members you want them documented, so their memory never gets forgotten. Knowing what you like and working together with your videographer will be key to long-lasting success.

3. Don’t Forget to Document the Details

The third way you can have a personalized wedding video is by capturing all the little moments that make your wedding uniquely you! You may think “why do I need shots of my makeup artists putting my lipstick on? Or shots of my fiancé & the groomsmen toasting and sipping their beer?”

These moments are key elements of storytelling in wedding videography. They provide the full scope of the day and not just big hitting moments.

Not only do a lot of emotions occur (nerves, excitement, happiness etc.), but also videographers get more time to establish shots showing the environment of the wedding day. These shots allow us to tell the full story of your day.

5 Wedding Moments You’ll Want Captured

We love photos and keepsakes, but there is nothing quite like film to relive the emotions of your wedding day. From pre-ceremony to reception, it feels like your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye. Your wedding videographer will capture all the sweet moments of your wedding day, but you’ll really appreciate reliving these happy moments through video.

1. Your Pre-Wedding Thoughts

Were you feeling nervous? Over-the-moon? Sentimental? Capturing your pre-wedding thoughts and jitters is a sweet way to start off the day. Consider writing each other notes to read aloud for the wedding video. You’ll be able to look back on your video and go back to that moment and remember those emotions you had. 

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2. Your First Look

What used to be considered “bad luck” is now a sweet moment for the couple to get rid of those pre-wedding jitters and enjoy a moment together. Your first look is an emotional moment between you and your soon-to-be-spouse just moments before the ceremony. Capturing this moment on video ensures you’ll be able to relive that special moment for years to come. 

3. Your Vows

Your wedding vows are the foundation for the next step of your love story. This is the beginning of your life as a married couple. This is what you are promising to one another forever. Capturing these spoken words on film and reliving them later brings indescribably beautiful feelings. 

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4. Your First Kiss

You said “I do” and now it’s time to seal it with a kiss! Is there anything more special than looking back on your first kiss as a married couple?! This is a fun and exciting moment to relive when you watch your wedding film.

5. Reception Toasts

As busy as your wedding day is, it’s hard to remember every little detail. You’ll be thankful for your wedding videography when you get to go back and hear what your loved ones said on your wedding day. Trust us, you’ll love watching your Best Man’s teary-eyed wedding reception toast over and over again.

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