Ashley & Adam’s Wedding at Delmar Detroit

Our Real Detroit Wedding: June 26, 2021

Would You Recommend Our Company?

“This question while seemingly simple …… Overall, how was it?  Is answered with a resounding FABULOUS…..requires some additional underlying explanation.  Our wedding was up to now the biggest single event of our lives.  We trusted you and your company to capture our special moments, record for all time our commitment to one another, and by way of photography and videography document for posterity our reception with family and friends.  You did that and so much more.  Your team arrived early, ready to go with equipment, ideas, and confidence.  This enabled us to relax and realize that the ‘good hands’ we were put in were truly there to assist us in every way.  Our gratitude and appreciation will never be able to be fully expressed, but it is heartfelt and most sincere.  Will we recommend your incredible company?  A million percent!” – Happy Bride, Ashley

bride and groom dancing at Delmar Detroit

Our Love Story

Let us rewind to May of 2017, Adam has been consulting for Chrysler in Michigan for over a year, and Ashley has been working at a Hyatt nearby. A mutual friend introduced us, and we exchanged contact information and immediately started chatting. Shortly thereafter, Adam invited Ashley to a large group cookout in which we talked, drank, joked, ate, and played some wiffleball. That evening Ashley suggested that we go on a real date to Cedar Point the next day. It is still a debate to this day whether or not Adam confirmed or denied the invitation to Cedar Point, but that is beside the point. Anyway, Ashley worked the night shift, so she was still sound asleep that morning when Adam arrived in her driveway. Ashley’s mother, Carla, wakes her up, asking, “Honey, why is there a strange black vehicle in the driveway?” and sure enough, she sees Adam out in the driveway. Carla then invites Adam inside for breakfast to buy Ashley some time to get ready quickly, which is not necessarily her strongest ability. Two hours later, the pair is riding roller-coasters, playing arcade games, getting to know each other, and catching rays and waves in the wave pool. One month later, at midnight on June 23rd, 2017, they officially became a couple.

Over the next two years, the self-proclaimed A-team experienced a multitude of various adventures including but not limited to concerts, date nights, weekend getaways, and even a Bahamian cruise. Fast forward to exactly two years after the aforementioned June 23rd, and the pair is back in Cedar Point, celebrating in a cabin overlooking Lake Erie when Adam gets down on one knee and proposes to Ashley.

Our Wedding Vision and How the Pandemic Changed Our Plans

After booking our original venue nearly a year in advance, 60 days out, with out warning we received a cryptic email telling us that they cancelled us as a result of uncertainty due to Covid restrictions.  We were devastated, but determined.  After our initial shock, we immediately began making phone calls and contacting a variety of venues that really didn’t fit our plans.  However, our expectations were exceeded a thousand fold as the Delmar in Greektown (our original location where wedding room blocks had already been established, etc) agreed to host our wedding on their rooftop!  It was their first time hosting such an event and were up to the task.  They excelled in every area and our wedding venue was so perfectly suited to us as a couple it is beyond description.  One of our favorite moments was after we gave our formal speech to our family and friends the Delmar staff brought out champagne bottles with sparklers on them and everyone got on the dance floor! After meeting the manager Steve and his outstanding staff, we knew this is what was meant for us all the way along.

Our Wedding Video

I wanted a professional wedding video because I wanted to ensure that I could watch the tape over and over again to relive our magical day. Our wedding video turned out so amazing and I couldn’t be happier. I love that I got to see our moms light our unity candle, I loved that I got to see everyone’s reactions at the church when they saw me, I loved that all the little moments and the big ones were captured on film for me to watch for a lifetime.

We planned a viewing party for our family of the photos and videos of our wedding day.  The experience was nearly as emotional as the day itself.  Each of us shed a few tears not only because of the monumental day that it was, but because of how expertly our photographers and videographer captured the important moments.  The style and quality of the photos will become family treasures and heirlooms to be shared for years to come.  Mike Staff Productions is a name that will be on our lips and in our hearts as we recommend them wholeheartedly for their quality work and professionalism

Our Wedding Photos

The entire Mike Staff Productions team went above and beyond, they exceeded my expectations in every way. Our professional wedding photographer was very well organized, she kept us right on track and was fun and professional to work with. Our wedding photos were very important to us because we wanted to ensure that we could re-live this day through our photos. Another great memory on our wedding day was getting photographed underneath the Cass Avenue passageway and each car that came through beeped and cheered for us.

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