Lomyda and Eric’s Wedding at Laurel Manor

Our Wedding at Laurel Manor: September 18, 2021

Our overall experience with Mike Staff Production was amazing! From before the wedding to after, Mike Staff Productions and our amazing photographers were absolutely awesome and I would recommend them to everybody I know! Thanks again!  – Happy Couple, Lomyda & Eric

Our Love Story

How We Met

It was November of 2014 when Eric and Lomyda’s love story first began, just two people partying the night away, never knowing that they would become husband and wife seven years later.

Eric and Lomyda first crossed paths at a basement party. And in case y’all didn’t know, those are the most livest parties ever! After a few glances from across the room and late night conversations, phone numbers were exchanged. Just one short week later, they started dating.

Falling In Love

Eric and Lomyda’s first date was dinner and a movie and from there, they began exploring each other’s interests. In the Spring and Summer months, they both enjoy going to the park and concerts by the water. They both LOVE to laugh, frequently enjoying a comedy show or a funny movie together. They also love to dance, whether their at home or enjoying a night on the town. The one thing they love the most is traveling. Eric and Lomyda have already been to Aruba, Curacao, Bahamas, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, and Florida just to name a few. They’ll be visiting South Carolina this year and plan on visiting Alaska soon!

Lomyda fell in love with a tall, dark, and handsome gentleman and went absolutely crazy for his dimples. Lomyda admires how Eric prioritizes her happiness and always making her laugh no matter what. Eric has always admired Lomyda’s brown eyes and amazing smile that always seem to brighten his day.

Growing In Love

As time goes on their love for each other continues to grow. Like any relationship, they definitely had their ups and downs. After overcoming many hardships it was clear, that these two were inseparable and could make it through any storm life threw at them with continuous prayer and remembering to always keep God first. Eric knew in his heart he had to make Lomyda his wife. He decided to propose to her in July of 2020 right at their home in the living room on a Monday lol and Lomyda said YES!!!

Our Wedding Vision

I wanted our wedding to be glamorous with a bit of traditional and a touch of luxury. Ballroom setting. I didn’t want it to be the typical wedding look, I wanted to make sure both our personalities and desires to show in the vision. He’s more traditional and I’m more glam and extra.

We lost our venue 6 months before our wedding date due to covid. We ended up finding another venue, slightly higher cost but it was worth it. Luckily, we didn’t lose any vendors.\

Our Wedding Photography

Our professional wedding photographers WERE AMAZING!!! Justin was very thorough and direct, letting us know exactly what to expect for our special day. They were very accommodating and patient with us. Justin’s personality matched mine and Brittany’s to my husband, Eric. It was almost too perfect lol. They were on time, professional, and fun. Justin was fluffing my dress and Brittany was making sure Eric’s tie was straight, making sure our pictures were absolutely flawless! I absolutely love pictures and they are very important to me. Pictures are long-lasting memories past death. The the things we hold on too for a lifetime. The best pictures are when you didn’t know a picture of you was taken and it captures the best smiles and funny faces.

Our Wedding Memories

There were so many. One of them was our double entrance as husband and wife. When we were first introduced, we came out on the balcony. Then our second introduction was into the ballroom/reception. To see all of our guests in one room cheering for us, getting us hype was awesome! Another favorite moment was the first dance. We felt like no one else was in that room. Just us talking and enjoying and focusing on each other. Just looked at each other and said “we did it.”

Lomyda and Eric's first dance at Laurel Manor

Lomyda and Eric’s Wedding Vendors

  • Venue: Laurel Manor
  • Florist: A &K Decor and Event Planning
  • Bakery: Nicole’s Bakery Boutique
  • Bride’s Dress: The Wedding Shoppe
  • Groom’s Suit: Sam’s Suit Factory
  • Wedding Planner: Renee Ballinger
  • Beauty: Amayah Luxury Hair & Rag Doll Vanity Makeup
  • Mike Staff Productions: Wedding Photography