Danielle & Nate’s Wedding at II Gather

Our Real Detroit Wedding: September 30, 2017

“Nate & I heard from so many couples that they were so busy running around, making sure their day went smoothly that they didn’t get to enjoy their own wedding. With the amount of time and money we put into wedding day, we definitely wanted to be able to look back and say we were able to truly be present in the moment, with our guests. Mike Staff Productions definitely played a big part in making that happen!”

Wedding Services: Mike Staff Productions Wedding DJ, Photography & Videography

“We were thoroughly impressed and elated with the Mike Staff Productions experience. From our appointment with Randy, to saying goodnight when it was all over! We felt so comfortable and happy to have Randy, John, Amy and Jeff all a part of our day. We felt as if they could’ve been guests of ours! It made the planning process much simpler having bundled all three services, and saving money was a great bonus, too! Having the piece of mind that this trusted company was handling some of the most important parts of our wedding took a lot of stress off of us!”

Florist: Twigs and Branches Floral

“Kevin was professional, confident and fun during the whole planning process! We knew we could trust him to execute our vision for our big day!”
Danielle's wedding bouquet

Ceremony & Reception: II Gather

“Our vision was to have an elegant atmosphere that everyone could have the time of their lives in, including us! We loved having so many of our friends and family together under one roof and being able to celebrate all together was such an exciting experience!”
NOAH'S Event Center

Wedding Dress: The Wedding Shoppe

“I don’t have enough kind words to describe Michelle & her team! From picking out my dream dress, to saving it from another seamstress’s mistakes, to easing a very panicked bride – they were flawless and nurturing every step of the way!”

Danielle's Wedding Dress

Caterer: JB Chowhounds

“John Breeland was such a joy to work with! Not only was his food spectacular, but his personality and passion for food made us feel completely at ease and excited! 200 plated meals without a kitchen was a tall order to fill, but they pulled it off perfectly!”

Danielle & Nate’s Love Story 

“On the first warm Saturday of the Spring, Nate took me to one of our favorite breakfast spots. Since it was such a beautiful day, he suggested taking our dogs for a walk to work off the pancakes. We went home, grabbed the dogs, and began walking out of the yard when Nate said, “Are we forgetting anything?” I said, “Nope, I have you, I have the dogs I’m all set!” (Little did I know I was setting him up perfectly!) He said again, “No, I really think I’m forgetting something.” This caused me to turn around to find him landing a kiss on me, and then bending down on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hands saying, “I was going to ask you to marry me.” Stunned, my only reply was, “Whhhhatttt?!!
Nate tried to bring me back to reality, by saying, “I wanted to know if you and Allie would take Cooper and I for the rest of our lives?” I was thrilled and through my tears, I squeaked out “of course!” We met 2.5 years prior to that when our mutual friends set us up. Knowing we were both dog lovers, they thought we’d hit it off, and that we did! We have share such a joy in each other that, through the good times and the bad, we know there’s no one else we’d rather be spending those moments with!”

Why We Choose Two Wedding Photographers 

“John and Amy were great! They were able to capture all the fun moments of the day. From bouncing between the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the morning, to capturing the many different points of view of the special moments during the ceremony and reception. I can’t imagine how much we would’ve missed if we only had one wedding photographer. We spent over a year planning this day, so we wanted as many pictures as we could get to remember it by!”
Danielle & Nate Romantics

Our Wedding Album (A Must-Have!)

“We wanted a way to quickly relive (and show off) the best day of our lives. Our wedding album is a gorgeous artistic timeline of our special day we’re going to love looking back on!”
wedding cake album page wedding album page ceremony wedding album page reception

Our Wedding Video 

“We are SO thankful we decided to get a professional wedding videographer. There’s only so much that photographs can capture and having a video allowed us to relive those special moments. Everything went by so fast, and until we watched the video, we didn’t realize how many things we forgot about. Details of our day that we may not have ever remembered without it. For example,Nate whispering to me how pretty he thought I was under his breath during the ceremony. It’s a small moment we’ll always get to relive.”

Most Memorable Moments 

“Dancing the night away was definitely one of my favorite parents of the night. From the formal dances to just having fun with friends and family on the dance floor – our wedding DJ, Randy, did a phenomenal job that night looking out for us, keeping things on schedule and making sure everyone had a blast! For our first dance, Nate & I danced to ‘Into the Mystic’ by Van Morrison. It’s a song we can’t help but dance together to when we hear it and it always reminds us of each other. As for the biggest request hit of the night – that honor goes to my Mom who requested ‘Sharp Dressed Man; by ZZ Top! That song definitely shook things up! It was a blast seeing my mom on the dance floor with some of the groomsmen busting a move with her! Those were some great moments I won’t ever forget!
Danielle & Nate first dance
“My other favorite was walking down the aisle with my dad. I’ve never been so happy and excited all at once, it was amazing! Thanks to our photographers and videographer from Mike Staff Productions, we’ll be able to relive these moments in detail for the rest of our lives!”

Don’t trust your wedding to anyone else. Mike Staff Productions would be honored to bring your vision to life. Let’s get started!