Cassie and Brandon’s Wedding at Great Oaks Country Club

Our Real Detroit Wedding: September 19, 2020

“When we were looking for wedding photographers and videographers, etc., we wanted to make it as easy as possible when it came to payments and communication. The entire experience was effortless and easy. Everyone we spoke with in person and over the phone was more than understanding when it came to all of our pandemic changes that it made us worry less! I would absolutely recommend Mike Staff Productions! Aside from the process made easy, the ones we chose to be a part of our day we’re incredible. Friendly, talented, and personal.”

– Happy Bride, Cassie

Our Love Story

Brandon and I met in the fall of 2015 as students at Oakland University. We took on the role of being parents to our sweet dog, Bruno, in 2018. In the spring of 2019 we moved into our first home! Brandon and I love to travel, and after many trips together, we decided we needed to take a “bigger” trip, go international. We settled on a resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Little to my knowledge, Brandon had planned for a photographer to take us onto the beach to shoot pictures “for the resort website” and to enjoy a romantic dinner for 2 on the beach afterwards. As much as a woman envisions that moment, it never truly hits you until your person is down on one knee. He proposed their on the beach, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Our Wedding Vision

We started planning everything in the fall of 2019 and had everything booked by Christmas time. I envisioned an outdoor ceremony with beautiful views. I envisioned a ballroom style reception with vaulted ceilings and windows all around. We were blessed to book just that! We had both the ceremony and reception set up at Great Oaks Country Club in Rochester, MI.

Little did we know.

Unfortunately, yes… we all know how every bride and groom felt this passed spring. When the state initially shut down, we didn’t think that venues would still be shut down by September, so we didn’t worry too much. Then the months kept adding up and our date was becoming closer.  Brandon and I decided to cancel the reception at Great Oaks due to limited indoor capacity. We were able to keep our ceremony because the outdoor capacity fit our needs. So we changed our reception to another venue that could hold our guests. Again, we had to cancel that because of the ongoing change in regulations. We decided to have a serious conversation with my father. He lived on acreage, on a dirt road, surrounded by livestock and crops. Was it possible to put up a tent and have the reception there? My dad didn’t hesitate in saying yes. A month before our wedding date, Brandon and I had to make all the necessary changes and contact all of our vendors! In the end, it turned out exactly as it was supposed to. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

Our Wedding Photography

Absolutely LOVED our photographers. Dennis and Julie were amazing and I couldn’t have been happier with how the photos turned out. Aside from keeping up with our ongoing changes, they were the nicest people. They made sure Brandon and I, and our bridal party looked our best. They made sure the smallest of details were captured. When the day was over, I told Brandon that I couldn’t wait for the pictures. I couldn’t wait to see the things that I couldn’t see or might have missed! Then mostly to be able to relive those moments! Our family could not get over Dennis and Julie, and neither could I or our friends. We received compliments all night long and in the days to follow.

We had only shared a few photos so far of our wedding day on Facebook and Instagram. It was important to share them right away so those who were unable to attend could see how the day transpired! I cannot wait to share the rest of our professional photos and video so everyone can relive that day like we did!

Our Wedding Videography

Photos are one thing. They capture a single moment and might show a glimpse of someone’s emotions. A professional wedding video can turn that photo into a live memory. That’s what I loved most! It was very important to us that we got a video because we wanted to put ourselves back in that moment. I wanted to be able to pull out the video years from now and relive our wedding day.

Our Wedding Memories

I have a couple favorite moments. The first was in the bridal suite. My hair and makeup were done, I had just put on my dress, my veil was going in, and I was holding my bouquet. I happened to turn to look at myself in the mirror and instantly cried! You do all the trials and the fittings, but you never see it all together. I was in awe at how I looked and felt, but more importantly how excited I knew Brandon would be.

The second moment was when I was standing with my dad right before we took our walk down the aisle. We were far enough away that our guests couldn’t hear us. We were able to laugh for a moment together and take deep breaths, alone, just us two. It was him physically walking me down the aisle. He supported me in more ways than one that day.

My last moment that I loved was our DJ Ron, who first of all stayed 2 hours later than what we scheduled him for, called for last song. All of our guests were gone, all of our families had left. Minus a few of our close friends, Brandon and I slow danced to Cop Car by Keith Urban. It was just us on the dance floor, under a lighted tent, in my dad’s yard. We didn’t want the night to end. I just really enjoyed ending the night together in that way.

Cassie and Brandon’s Wedding Vendors

Don’t trust your wedding to anyone else. Mike Staff Productions would be honored to bring your vision to life. Let’s get started!

Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

The Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

At Mike Staff Productions, we trust that you’ll choose the perfect person to work with because you know what you want on your wedding day!  There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding DJ, photographer or videographer – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the planning process.

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