Melanie and Greg’s Wedding at Oakhurst Country Club

Our Real Detroit Wedding: September 19, 2020

Would you recommend Mike Staff Productions?

“100 STARS! A million even. Everyone I ever talked to at Mike Staff has wow-ed me. My consultation with Randy, calling Michelle constantly with questions, getting to know Erik, Justin, David, and Dustin, the quality of work by the editors. I really could not have asked for a better experience or team.

I would/will/have recommended Mike Staff Productions to everyone! The team approach for a wedding is easy – and so logical. Why doesn’t everyone do it?! Not once did I have to worry about a big moment being missed. I did not need a wedding coordinator because the guys and Lindsay worked so well together from the start. I knew they all really cared about our wedding day being perfect – and they made it happen!”

– Happy Bride, Melanie

Our Love Story

Our love story has been pretty chaotic! We met in 2018, both working crazy work schedules. Not to mention, I was in Shelby Township and Greg was in Canton. The commute got tiresome very quickly, so we gave it a shot and moved in together after only a month or so!

A year and a half later, in October 2019, Greg proposed. He went shopping with my mother for the engagement ring. Needless to say, it is perfect! He popped the question over a candlelit dinner. Well, he gave me the ring – I said yes and then realized he hadn’t actually asked me anything. So, I told him he needs to ask me officially first. Then, I said yes – AGAIN!

In March of 2020, we moved to the Chicago suburbs for a huge career opportunity for Greg. Six days after the move, the lock down happened. We’ve gotten to spend a LOT of time together in 2020 – and it has never made me think twice about marrying Greg. If anything, it has made me appreciate our love and relationship more!

Our Wedding Vision

Before meeting Greg, I thought I would have a Barn Wedding. I toyed with the idea, and we went to visit one barn venue. It just wasn’t us. Then, by mistake, I came across Oakhurst Country Club. It was perfect! The views are amazing no matter where you look! HUGE Bridal Suite to get ready. Pictures out on the Golf Course. Ceremony on the Garden Patio. Cocktail hour in the Sunroom. Reception in the Grand Hall, which has high ceilings and double doors that open up to a huge veranda! There is even an additional room off the Grand Hall for photobooth, bar, and seating by the fireplace for guests to relax. I envisioned TONS of florals and candles all over the place. Romantic!

We got married in 2020, of course we had to change our plans! We sat on pins and needles for months wondering if the wedding would be cancelled. The whole time, we continued to plan because – what else were we going to do?

Michigan moved into whatever phase allowed for 100 people to be together outside – so we started planning for a tent. At the end of July, the tent was no longer an option. Ceremony was still on the Garden Patio, but now cocktail hour would be on the Garden patio as well (right after the ceremony). Dinner would be on the veranda, and for the Reception, back to the Garden Patio.

I was concerned about space. I did not want my guests squeezed into tables or not have anywhere to sit and see the dance floor. Invites had already been sent out – so we had to wait and see. IT ALL WORKED OUT FOR THE BEST! We had a mad dash to finalize the centerpieces – it’s amazing how much the size of a table can change things. All my vendors were incredible in working with me and the venue to do whatever was necessary to give me the wedding of my dreams.

Our Wedding Photography

Photography was easily in my Top 3 most important things pertaining to our wedding. I wanted every moment and emotion captured to remember the day forever! Greg was dreading taking pictures all day. We had a lot of conversations about ways to get the pictures, and stay in good spirits.

None of this was an issue with Justin! He was phenomenal! Right when he showed up at the venue – he began to feed off of the groups energy. My girls and I had a blast taking pictures in our robes with brunch mimosas! Justin was polite and made sure he knew what I wanted out of the day. I told him I wanted everything – and I’m fine with being told what to do in order to get it. He ran with it!

Greg and I had FUN during our “Romantics.” We were able to joke around with each other, and take direction from Justin, our wedding photographer. He picked out spots and advised ways to tweak our poses for better angles and pictures. None of it was overwhelming or exhausting, like we had feared. I did not believe how many pictures we have received and how great they all look! We were just being us.

My bridal party was blown away. My flower girls were 2 and 3. Justin rolled with it. We got the shots we could and did not force anything to avoid any tantrums. STILL – great pictures. We all had fun taking pictures as a group. I think Justin and David may have felt like pre-school teachers, because when all of us are together – we get a little off topic. They were great sports!

We even had a little session with our dogs, Hossa and Bronson. They were unusually well behaved – but I’ll take it! I do not know if Justin and David are dog people, but they were amazing at getting the dogs’ attention to look at the camera and get the shot!

Our Wedding Videography

Originally, I had not intended to have a wedding video. I thought it wasn’t necessary when I have pictures. I’m glad the “fear of missing out” pushed me to hire Dustin, our wedding videographer. Dustin was equally fun and receptive to our entire group. He joked with us and got video of all the sentimental moments. Even, the sideways glances that may have been missed – which I really wanted to get on film! I love the footage of the first look with my father, and my groom!


I thought I didn’t care of a video, but I’ve watched the long and short about 3x each already! I love that the music from our wedding is incorporated into the video. The way dialogue is cut into the video is great! It’s not abrupt or awkward. The editing team did a great job of censoring too! Greg wore a mic all day – and has no filter. I was worried! They got the gasps and small sobs into the video during the first looks with my father and groom, AND cut out the part where BOTH my husband and father told me I had some lipstick on my teeth. The video really showed how alike the two are… hah!

Everyone I have showed my photos and videos, whether they attended the wedding or not, have responded with “You both look amazing and SO happy!” What more could I ask for? That is everything I wanted. I wanted everyone to look good and feel good and for it to come through in the digital memories. It’s easy to feel as beautiful and happy as I did on 9/19 when I look at my photos or watch the video.

Our Wedding Memories

After being locked down for so long, the best part of our wedding was getting to see so many family and friends. They showed up to support us despite the risks. That meant the world to Greg and I.

Favorite moments would probably be the toasts. Father of the Bride was fantastic. Sentimental, but cracked a joke here and there for some comedic relief. He held back the tears! Good thing too, if he cries – I cry, and I did not want to ruin my makeup that early in the night! The Best Man, Rob, even did well with his toast! I think everyone is a little concerned about the best man speech – but Rob doesn’t have much of a filter. He kept it appropriate, mostly. It was a great speech and definitely got the guests laughing. Bridesmaid Taylor gave a wonderful speech – I knew she would! She said some very sweet and very real things about Greg and I as people, and as a couple. She made us laugh and cry… and we couldn’t help but nod in agreement when she took the time to take some shots at Greg and I – all of them warranted.

Melanie and Greg’s Wedding Vendors

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