What Are The Groom’s Responsibilities For Wedding Planning?

Groom's wedding attire

10 Groom’s Responsibilities For Wedding Planning

We often see brides eager to jump into wedding planning. But the truth is, there are many details the groom can plan, and should help plan for the wedding! Here are ten groom’s responsibilities for wedding planning:

1. Groomsmen Attire

Brides spend countless hours (possibly years!) dreaming of, looking for and trying on dresses. Grooms no longer have to go to the rental store and choose the standard black tux.  Today’s grooms have many more options in color, cut and style.  Whether it is a sunset beach wedding or in a beautiful cathedral, why not have the groom select the attire for himself and the groomsmen?

Groomsmen wedding attire

2. Wedding Theme

Dream up your wedding day theme as a couple!  Color choices, special details and wedding themes reflect more of the couple’s personality than just the bride’s choice. Be sure to ask your groom if he has any ideas or preferences.

3. Wedding Reception Fun

When grooms take the lead in planning some wedding reception fun and activities, you are sure to get a few surprises (in the best possible way!). Some fun ideas to consider include photo booths, cigar rolling stations, cocktail entertainers, or even a surprise for the bride!

Groomsmen cigars during reception

4. Groom’s Cake

It’s very common to have two wedding cakes – one for the bride and one for the groom. This is the perfect detail the groom can plan to really put his own personality into the wedding.  These cakes can vary hugely depending on the groom. Sports and hobbies are very popular choices for the groom’s cake.  The cake can be served to guests or preserved for your one year anniversary.

Groom's wedding cake

5. Bar Menu

One quick way to get the groom involved in the wedding planning is to put him in charge of the bar menu. Instead of just the standard liquors, the groom has options when it comes to microbrews, cocktails, signature drinks, and fine wines.  Or maybe he has an original idea of his own! This can be a great way to work in your wedding theme as well, particularly if it focuses on a local theme.

groom can plan bar menu

6. The Music

Many grooms have a strong opinion on what songs they want to hear (or not hear) at the wedding reception.  Many grooms are eager to get involved with planning the music for the wedding reception. Work with your wedding DJ to plan the music for the wedding reception you both want. Consider your must-plays, do-not-plays, and any special moments throughout the wedding reception.

7. Rehearsal Dinners

Traditionally, the groom’s family is responsible for hosting and paying for the rehearsal dinner. More recently, this event has evolved into a special evening for the families and bridal party.  BBQs, themed catering trucks or sports centered outings can replace formal sit down dinners. This night can be truly special with some thoughtful planning.

8. Wedding Images

While we see lots of inspiration images for brides, it’s likely that the groom has an idea of how he’d like to look in wedding day images too. Discuss poses that he’s comfortable with (and not) with your wedding photographer and videographer. Work on your shot list together, and communicate this vision with your photographer.

groom can plan wedding photography

9. Wedding Day Transportation

Your wedding day transportation is completely up to you. There are no rules or traditions you must follow, so the groom can plan your wedding day transportation. How fun would it be arriving to your reception in his dream car? Most grooms would love the responsibility of choosing wedding day transportation. Let your photographer know, so they can snap some photos of you as a couple with his dream car.

Groom in a corvette

10. Absolute Musts, Seriously. 

Even if the groom is comfortable with the bride doing most of the planning, it is important that he be involved with setting the budget, picking the venue, choosing a date and creating the guest list.  The choice between roses and peonies might not be that important to the groom, but the budget should be. Define some guidelines that you both agree on and then let the planning begin and have fun!

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The Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

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