How to Create a Unique Wedding Ceremony

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How to Create a Unique Wedding Ceremony

Wedding season is almost upon us, and if you’re planning your own big day, you may be wondering how to stand out from the crowd. If you’re open to straying away from a traditional wedding structure, you can add a lot of creative elements and special touches to your day. Here are some tips for crafting a unique wedding ceremony:

1. Choose a Special Location

If there’s a particular place that means a lot to you and your spouse-to-be, you could consider hosting your wedding there. For example, you might want to tie the knot in a chapel on your college campus or at a venue in your hometown, as these may be memorable options. 

If you’re looking to save a bit of money on your wedding, having a small wedding somewhere beautiful can be a good way to allocate money for life after the wedding. If you want to buy a home together after the wedding, saving money may increase your confidence in financing a home and obtaining a mortgage preapproval. Having conversations about everyday budgeting, financial planning, and setting up savings accounts, can mean you’re not stressing about your next chapter of life together.   

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2. Plan Pre-Ceremony Activities

Another fun way to entertain your guests before your ceremony starts is to serve drinks or light appetizers. This is a good time to get people mingling and to provide refreshments if it’s going to be a longer ceremony. It may not be the best idea to open the full bar, but offering some sparkling water or a specialty cocktail can be a refreshing surprise. 

Setting up a self-serving station for drinks, or light hors d’oeuvres and finger foods can be a great way to start the day. Putting out some small games or an alternate guest book for people to sign ahead of time are smart ways to keep people busy. 

family tree guest book unique wedding ceremony

3. Write Letters

In addition to the tear-jerker vows that you’re planning, writing your partner a letter to read while they’re getting ready or right before the ceremony can be a special touch. Whether this is funny, sweet, or nostalgic, it can be a great way to touch base with them after spending the night apart. If you’re documenting your day with a wedding videographer, getting a live reaction to this can make for a sentimental moment you can have forever. 

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4. Establish New Roles and Create Moments 

Re-establishing some of the roles that your wedding party or family members have in your ceremony can be a unique way to spice things up. Incorporating your pet into the ceremony as the ring bearer can be a cute crowd-pleaser. Having the flower-girl wear a little sign that says “here comes the bride” or carry a mini bouquet can be another way to stray from the norm. 

If you’re looking for that special processional song to stand out from the crowd, consider having the DJ play a classical cover of a pop song. If you and your spouse-to-be have a special song that you resonate with as a couple, playing it as you walk down the aisle may be a thoughtful and emotional touch. Choosing a friend or family member to officiate your wedding could be another defining detail. These days, just about anyone can get certified and it can be even more special to ask someone who has known you and/or your partner for years.

5. Include a Unity Ceremony 

Incorporating a traditional unity ceremony into your wedding can be another meaningful addition. Circling, in Jewish tradition, means the bride walks circles around the groom (and sometimes vice versa) three or seven times to symbolize their commitment and protection. Handfasting, originating as a Celtic tradition, is another unity ceremony where the officiant ties a rope around the couple’s hands as they say their vows. A lasso ceremony, traditional to Mexican, Filipino, and Spanish cultures, means a floral garland or rosary is wrapped around the couple, symbolizing everlasting unity. 

Many people also choose to have a candle-lighting ceremony, where couples usually light one bigger candle from two smaller ones (each representing their families). The smaller ones are traditionally lit by the mothers of the couple, and this ultimately symbolizes how the families are coming together. Other traditions feature couples sometimes mixing sand together during the ceremony or planting a tree together to symbolize unity and strong roots.

unity ceremony unique wedding ceremony

6. Exit in Style

Last but not least, you and your new spouse can wrap up your special day by crafting a unique send-off.  Having your guests wave sparklers or glow sticks, blow bubbles, or throw biodegradable confetti can be a great photo op and fun way to exit. Some couples put out musical instruments like tambourines and maracas so their guests can make some noise for the newlyweds. 

bride and groom recessional bubbles

However you choose to make your big day special, including details that mean something to you and your significant other will make your wedding day unforgettable. Though you may want to throw a big, elaborate party for your guests, be sure to focus your efforts on cherishing your future partner and soaking up all the love to kick off your next chapter in life.

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