8 Things To Do With Your Engagement and Wedding Photos

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Not sure what to do with your engagement and wedding photos?

Photography is an investment – we get that. That’s why we allow you to choose a wedding photographer who perfectly matches your style. But once you have photos that you love, what should you do with them? You’ll obviously want to get the most use out of your photos, given the investment you made. If you’re not sure what to do with your engagement or weddings photos, we’ve gathered some ideas to inspire you.

What To Do With Your Engagement Photos

You’ve said “YES!”, you’ve met your wedding photographer, and taken amazing engagement photos… now what? Get the most out of your engagement session, by using your photos for other parts of your wedding celebrations.

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One of the most common uses of engagement photos is for Save-The-Date cards. Your engagement session allows you to get creative, to let your guests know when your big day is approaching.

Display at Your Wedding

Personalize your wedding day by using your engagement photos in your decor. Consider having prints of various sizes to be used as signs, decor on your gift table, and more! P.S. The same idea applies for your wedding shower!

Guest Book

Use your engagement photos to create a customized guest book. You can keep it simple with an image on the cover and blank pages for guests to sign, or include additional images on the pages with whitespace for guests to sign.

Post to Social Media

Obviously, you cannot wait to share your engagement photos! Don’t hold back on social media. Post them as a countdown to your big day!

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What To Do With Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day has passed, and now you have the photos to cherish. Sadly, too often couples view their photos, then store them away digitally. We don’t want that to happen! There are plenty of ways to use your wedding photos, so you can continue to relive your big day.

Design an Album

One of the most popular ways to use your wedding photos is to design a wedding album. Your wedding album is a visual reminder of every detail of your wedding day, bringing it to life in a way a flash drive of images can’t.

wedding album

Display Them in Your Home

Want a constant reminder of your magical wedding day? Then you definitely need to display them in your home! Whether you opt for a gallery wall or smaller prints throughout is up to you.

Thank You Cards

Shortly after your wedding, you’ll need to send thank you cards. Using an image from your wedding makes them feel so much more personal!

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Post to Social Media

Of course, we cannot forget posting to social media! When you get your photos back, we know you cannot wait to share online. But you’re not limited to that. Your professional wedding photographs are great to post for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or simply because you want to post! P.S. Tag us on Instagram, and we’ll always be sure to give you a ‘like’!

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