COVID-19 Wedding Planning Resource Guide

What The Covid-19 Omicron Variant Means For Your Wedding

We get it and we got you.

COVID-19 has changed virtually every element of modern-day life, including how we celebrate its biggest milestones, like weddings. For the last 2 years, couples have been faced with difficult decisions impacting their wedding with the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Whether you’re on your third or fourth wedding date or your date is a few months from now and you’re just not sure what to do, we’ve tapped planners, venues, and other experts to help couples move forward.

As new information from the CDC becomes available, we will continue to update our COVID-19 and weddings resources with the latest recommendations.

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Should You Consider a Weekday Wedding?

True story: Your wedding doesn’t have to take place on a Friday or Saturday. Having a weekday wedding is a real option and a trend folks in the wedding industry are seeing more and more in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Why You Want a Back-Up Plan

What if one of your wedding vendors gets sick or has an emergency? Will there be someone on back-up to step in?

You shouldn’t have to waste even one second worrying about if your vendors are going to be there on time. 

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Planning Your Wedding Outdoors?

Outdoor wedding venues have become a lifeline for couples looking to still host their wedding while taking the health of their loved ones into consideration. There are various Metro Detroit outdoor wedding venues that can help! 

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Benefits of Having a Small Wedding

Couples are being forced to trim their guest list due to the coronavirus pandemic. While not ideal, keep in mind, there are many benefits of planning a small wedding.

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Why Friday & Sunday Weddings Rock!

The benefits of having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday vs. your typical Saturday evening event are countless – especially as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. 

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How to Communicate with Your Guests

Wedding date changed? Reception postponed? Guest list had to be trimmed? Here’s how to properly communicate with your guests about changes your wedding plans. 

Michigan honeymoon locations

5 Michigan Honeymoon Destinations

Traveling to a tropical honeymoon destination during a global pandemic may not be an option for all couples. We’ve rounded up the top 5 honeymoon destinations right here in Michigan! 


How to Trim Your Guest List

This. Is. Hard. But large gatherings just aren’t happening these days. Follow these tips on how to reduce your guest list so everyone will understand. 

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